Join Lisa Louise Cooke for Elevenses with Lisa, the online video series where we take a break, visit and learn about genealogy and family history.

Elevenses with Lisa
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When: Thursdays at 11:00 AM Central
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Where: the Genealogy Gems YouTube channel

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episode 19 elevenses with Lisa irish genealogy

Past Episodes of Elevenses with Lisa

Click an image below to watch the video replay and read the detailed show notes with everything discussed. Genealogy Gems Premium Members can can download the handy ad-free show notes PDF in the Resources section of each page.

episode 18 Eleveses with Lisa
Elevenses with Lisa Episode 15
ways to use google earth for genealogy with Lisa Louise Cooke

Episode 9 Evernote OrganizationElevenses with Lisa Episode 9

Episode 6 Organize All This Stuff
Elevenses with Lisa Episode 6

Episode 3 Avoiding Rabbit Holes
Episode 3 Elevenses with Lisa on YouTube

Elvenses with Lisa Episode 17 Ancestry Top Tips
Creating family history story videos
Watch Elevenses with Lisa Episode 11 Video and show notes

Episode 8 Digital File OrganizationElevenses with Lisa episode 8 on digital file organization

Episode 5 Avoiding Rabbit Holes Part 4
Episode 5 Elevenses with Lisa YouTube Live

Episode 2 Avoiding Rabbit Holes Part 1episode 2 Elevenses with Lisa

how to make a video with adobe spark video step-by-step tutorial
how to get better google search results
episode 10 of Elevenses with Lisa

Episode 7 Organization Q&AElevenses with Lisa Episode 7

Episode 4 Avoiding Rabbit Holes Part 3
Elevenses with Lisa Episode 4

Episode 1
Elevenses with lisa genealogy youtube show

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