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Past Episodes & Show Notes

Click an image below to watch the video replay and read the detailed show notes with everything discussed. Genealogy Gems Premium Members can can download the handy ad-free show notes PDF in the Resources section of each page. Click here to watch my video showing you exactly where to find them. Select archived episodes listed here are available exclusively for Premium Members. 

Elevenses with Lisa show notes
find ancestral origin towns
Dead Fred old photos
5 things you should do at Worldcat
Sanborn fire insurance maps at the library of congress for genealogy
how to edit old home movies
rootsmagic 8 update
how to find old family recipes in newspapers
how to navigate the FamilySearch Wiki
Early Virginia Genealogy
resolving conflicting birthdate genealogical evidence
how to get back into genealogy
newspaper genealogy research
Ireland Public Records Office PRO
Ancestral village of origin
Dual Italian Citizenship
Italian genealogy
FamilySearch 1950 census index (1)
Marriage Records genealogy case study
1950 census search strategies
Gretna Green Marriage Records
GEDCOM 7 from FamilySearch
One Step Webpages with Steve Morse
hard to find genealogy records
how to use the shotbox
reopen the national archives research rooms
how to find old rural addresses on a map
5 top tips newspaper research for genealogy
how to be a forensic genetic genealogist
how to find school records
archival heirloom solutions episode 81
1950 census maps enumeration districts
WWII fallen soldiers
free genealogy
how to research Native American genealogy
digital preservation like the Library of Congress
Inherited Genealogy
newspaper obituaries for genealogy
Frith Collection at Findmypast
Genealogy organization workflow
evernote for genealogy beginners tutorial
genealogy productivity and organization
avoid genealogy rabbit holes
Plotting land with Google Earth
Snagit Part 2 screen clipping for genealogy
Family History at home
how to search at FamilySearch
MyHeritage 10 Best Features
Ancestrydna Q&A with Crista Cowan
snagit tutorial for beginners
How to do Source Citations for Genealogy
how to find cemetery stories
how to find family history on youtube
Jewish Genealogy for beginners
VPN for beginners
1890 census records substitute
1950 census questions
beginning German genealogy
The 1950 Census for Genealogy
how to write your family history
google images for genealogy
Interview with Nathan Dylan Goodwin
Genealogy at the State Library of Pennsylvania
David Zucker, Director Airplane! Naked Gun
DNA Problem solving adoption
using internet archive for genealogy
MyHeritage Genetic Groups
Watch episode 40 of Elevenses with Lisa
Genealogy Research Plan - 10 Questions to Ask
A Cup of Christmas Tea with Tom Hegg
Genealogy Records Provenance Elevenses with Lisa
Elevenses with Lisa episode 36 old maps
finding and deciphering Ellis Island Passenger Lists
how to find your Early American Ancestors
Artificial Intelligence and Family Data
records at the genealogy center allen county public library
Surprising things you can find at google Books
watch Elevenses with Lisa episode 28
how to use google lens
How to find photos in old newspapers
Google Photos for beginners
Watch Free Genealogy in episode 21 of Elevenses with Lisa

Archive (Premium Members Only)

familysearch wiki
how to document and pass on your family heirlooms
save your research from destruction
Ancestral village of origin
digging deep into
The answer to the questions "which genealogy website should I use?"
Top 10 Family history interview questions
phenotyping and forensic genealogy
Freedmen's Bureau and Ohio Memory Records
how to find church records for genealogy
Episode 35 Elevenses with Lisa
Family Bible for Genealogy and Family History
Watch and read inspiring viewer family history stories
watch episode 24 on safety, search and privacy
Watch episode 22 of Elevenses with Lisa
how to find a house history episode 20
Elevenses with Lisa episode 19 video and show notes
Irish Genealogy
Top tips
how to make a video with adobe spark video step-by-step tutorial
Elevenses with Lisa Episode 15
Creating family history story videos
how to get better google search results
ways to use google earth for genealogy with Lisa Louise Cooke
family history inspiring relatives
episode 10 of Elevenses with Lisa
Organizing Evernote for Genealogy Tutorial Video
Genealogy Digital Organization Tutorial Video
Genealogy Data Organization How To Video
Genealogy Paper Organization How-To Video
David Zucker behind the scenes
Genealogy Online Productivity Video
Genealogy Organization on Mobile Video
Genealogy Productivity Video
episode 2 Elevenses with Lisa
Elevenses with lisa genealogy youtube show

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