Show Notes: Have you ever dreamed of publishing a book about your family history? Although it’s never been easier to do, there are some things to keep in mind and pitfalls to avoid.  

In this video, Lisa Louise Cooke interviews Dale Spaulding, author of the book Fortitude, Preserving 400 years of an American Family’s Faith, Patriotism, Grit, and Determination(This affiliate link helps support this free content.)  Dale shares the most important items to keep in mind when self publishing, as well as the greatest lessons he learned along the way. 

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Show Notes

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Getting Published

  • Embrace Self-Published Author
  • Edit like a Professional
  • Choose Self-Publishing Company
  • Editor / Formatter / Graphics Arts Designer
  • Legal: ISBN / LCN / Copyright
  • Book Landing Page
  • Print-on-Demand
  • Visibility at Indie Book Retailers

Lessons Learned

  • #1: Multiple Reviews of Manuscript
  • Document Source Notes as You Research
  • “Writers Block” (creative slowdown) is Real
  • Respect and Invest in the “Process”
  • You’re the “Customer” – Don’t Settle
  • Pre-Release Book Reviews
  • Become a Student of Marketing
  • Connect with Local Authors
  • Priority: Capture Stories of Aging Relatives


Downloadable ad-free Show Notes handout for Premium Members

Learn More about Writing Your Book

In the Genealogy Gems video Researching to write a family history narrative Dale shares how he went about getting started researching his family tree to prepare to write his narrative. He also shares what motivates him to keep on researching. 

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