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From a Member, Holly:

“And don’t know who’s really reading these but please know that I really do love the Podcasts; Premium, regular, and the Family Tree ones.  I have listened to them all and enjoy going back to listen again.  There is so much out there in the genealogy world to keep up with and I was getting overwhelmed with trying to figure out what really were the “best” resources for me.  I work full-time and am a wife and a mother, I now use your podcasts, website, and YouTube channel as my genealogy “home base” and explore resources out from there when needed rather than trying to keep up with everything on my own.  Your team really does a great job and it’s appreciated. I don’t live in an area where family is from so all my research is long-distance and there isn’t a large genealogical community here for me to network with.  Genealogy Gems is my genealogy safe place and helps me feel connected!  I’ve learned a lot in the last few years and have come a long way on my family tree.  I credit that to the things I’ve learned from Genealogy Gems and am looking forward to spending some time with the new Premium e-learning offerings.”

From Lisa: We read each and every email 🙂


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