Frequently Asked Questions About the Free Podcast

What’s the Genealogy Gems Podcast about?
My goal is to provide folks who are researching their family history with nuggets of inspiration and innovation to help them get the most of out their research time.  Episodes are published on a monthly basis, and are around 45 minutes long. “How-to” information, photos, and resources are available on the show notes page for the episode. Keep reading below for more information on how to listen to the free podcast.

What is a podcast?

Podcasting, a word combining a reference to Apple’s “iPod” and “broadcasting,” is a method of publishing audio files to the Internet so that the public can listen to them. Think of them as recorded online radio shows.

The beauty of a podcast show is that, unlike a radio show, you can listen whenever and wherever you want to.  And if you miss something good, you can rewind and go over it again.  It puts you in control of your listening while getting current and useful information on exactly what you want to hear about – which is of course GENEALOGY!

Does it cost money to subscribe the Genealogy Gems Podcast?

Nope –  It’s absolutely FREE!

Why do I “subscribe” to the podcast?

So you can receive each new episode of the podcast automatically.  To subscribe just means that you are setting up your computer to receive the podcasts as they are published.

How can I start listening to the podcast?

how to listen to a podcast

Start by listening right on our website. Simply…

  1. go to our home page
  2. scroll down until you see the podcast logo
  3. and click the play button. (Image right)

There are additional ways to listen. The most convenient way is on your smartphone through our Genealogy Gems app. Learn more below.

Here's another fun explanation of how to listen to a podcast:

What’s the easiest way to listen to the podcast on my iPod, iPhone or iPad?

Get the Genealogy Gems Podcast App from Apple’s App store!  It includes extra bonus content you won’t find anywhere else, and allows you to listen on your mobile device while doing other things.

iPhone app: Genealogy Gems – Your Family History Show - Wizzard Media

iPad app: Genealogy Gems – Your Family History Show - Wizzard Media

Apple Podcasts appOpen the app and search for Genealogy Gems, and tap subscribe.

iTunes on your computer: Search Podcasts for Genealogy Gems and click Subscribe.

You can also listen via:
iHeartRadio: Click here
Amazon Echo (Alexa) We are part of TuneIn.
Pandora: Sign up for early access here

Is there an app for Android?

Install the Genealogy Gems Podcast app for free on your Android device at Google Play Music.

You can also listen through the Google Podcasts app. Simply search for genealogy gems and tap Subscribe

How do I listen to the past episodes of the podcast?

The entire archive of episodes (over 200!) are available through all of the listening methods listed above. You can also find them all on our website here

What are Show Notes?

Each episode has a web page dedicated to that episode. We call that the Show Notes page on the podcast. On that webpage we give you website links and other important information discussed in the episode. You can also listen to the episode from the show notes page. 

How do I find the Show Notes for the episode I listened to?

On our website: You’ll find all the show notes pages for the Genealogy Gems Podcast here on our website

In the Genealogy Gems app: Tap the desired episode from the list and the “Audio Post” screen will include all of the show notes.

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