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Premium Podcast 209
Topics covered: Compiled Family Histories

Premium Podcast 208
Topics covered: Clean Up Your Genealogy (Tree) Database

Premium Podcast 207
Topics covered: 5 Online Search Hacks

Premium Podcast 206
Topics covered: Google Scholar

Premium Podcast 205
Topics covered: Organizing Genealogy

Premium Podcast 204
Topics covered: Ancestral Locations

Premium Podcast 203
Topics covered: Using ArchiveGrid

Premium Podcast 202
Topics covered: How tech can wreak havoc on genealogy

Premium Podcast 201
Topics covered: Transcribing Genealogy Documents

Premium Podcast 200
Topics covered: FamilySearch Wiki Deep Dive

Premium Podcast 199
Topics covered: Heirlooms (collecting stories and passing them on)

Premium Podcast 198
Topics covered: Refocusing Genealogy Research

Premium Podcast 197
Topics covered: Which Genealogy Website Should I Use?

Premium Podcast 196
Topics covered: 9 Ancestry Search Tips

Premium Podcast 195
Topics covered: Collecting Family History Stories – Your Relatives & Your Own!

Premium Podcast 194
Topics covered: Finding Hard-to-Find Records (example: Divorce Records)

Premium Podcast 193
Topics covered: Live show and website updates, and Q&A

Premium Podcast 192
Topics covered: Family Bibles

Premium Podcast 191
Topics covered: Church Records

Premium Podcast 190
Topics covered: The Story Behind Genealogy Records

Premium Podcast 189
Topics covered: Artificial Intelligence and the impact on genealogy.

Premium Podcast 188
Topics covered: Google search strategies for the common surnames.

Premium Podcast 187
Topics covered: The Online Mindset. Ideas for safety, security and awareness. 

Premium Podcast 186
Topics covered: House History with Kathy Nielsen.

Premium Podcast 185
Topics covered: How to write compelling family history stories with author Annette Gendler. 

Premium Podcast 184
Topics covered: Applying Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps to Research, Finding Insurance Records for Genealogy, the History of Accident Insurance.

Premium Podcast 183
Topics covered: Getting a new view of your genealogy with Premium Member Pat Dalpiaz. Lisa explains how to find free digitized books with a view of your ancestors’ world with Google Books. The history of Scotch Tape. 

Premium Podcast 182
Topics covered: Favorite Genealogy Rabbit Holes that reveal the latest records and what’s coming in the future. (MyHeritage, Ancestry, AncestryDNA, Google Patents)

Premium Podcast 181
Topics covered: The Google Search Methodology for Genealogy 2020

Premium Podcast 180
Topics covered: The latest genealogy news, records and tools.

Premium Podcast 179
Topics covered: Customizing Chrome Tabs, the Best Way to Find Historical Maps at the David Rumsey Website, and How to Decipher Death Certificate Codes. 

Premium Episode 178
Topics covered: A Focus on Genealogy for the New Year

Premium Episode 177
Topics covered: The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) American Ancestors website.

Premium Episode 176
Topics covered: The Great 78 Project and Digging into Land Records

Premium Episode 175
Topics covered: Ancestry Hints (Bonus Download, 1800 Census)

Premium Episode 174
Topics covered: Descendancy Research (Federal Records, Brick Walls)

Premium Episode 173
Topics covered: Video Magic – how to make family history videos quickly and easily. (Storyboarding, Story Outline, Video Sharing, Video Creation Tools, Royalty-free Music.)

Premium Episode 172
Topics Covered: Doing Right by Your Ancestors (Calke Abbey, Harpur-Crewe Family, Humankind, Narratives, Blogging, Research Questions)

Premium Episode 171
Topics Covered: Gems Around the Web, YDNA and the 1840 Census. (YDNA, US Federal Census, Bookmarks, Cemetery Preservation, 1 Minute of the Internet / Web)

Premium Episode 170
Topics Covered: New Genealogy Records, Articles on Family Reunions, Making Cousin Connections and Browse-only Databases, Rumsey Historic Maps Comes to Google Earth for Chrome, Premium Podcast Topic Suggestions, Asking Really Good Genealogical Research, questions, History of the Computer Mouse. (Keywords: Google Earth, Research Plans, Research Questions, Family Reunions, Browse-only Databases, David Rumsey Maps.)

Premium Episode 169
Topics Covered: New Genealogy Records, Lisa on the road and at home, Listener Kay shares her family history story, Listener Pat’s pin signals the genealogy happy dance, Joy Neighbors, Tombstone Tourist Interview from RootsTech, and Converting 1926 Canadian census locations to Google Earth. (Keywords: Ancestry, Canada, Cemetery, Census, Google Earth, Listeners.)

Premium Episode 168
Topics Covered: Tech Gems: Share a link from Chrome browser; Google employment numbers, YouTube find: WWII Goodwill cruise of 1939, DNA Discussion, Filling in the Gaps Between Census Enumerations, and Profile America: Nickels and Dimes. (Keywords: Census, Chrome Browser, DNA, Five and Dime History, WWII video, YouTube.)

Premium Episode 167
Topics Covered: Questions and Answers with Kenyatta Berry (Genealogy Roadshow), and New Years goals with the Archive Lady. (Keywords: African-American research, Archives, DNA.)

Premium Episode 166
Topics Covered: Beginning Swedish research strategies with Paul Woodbury, 3 Top Tips for Handling Unforeseen DNA Connections, Maps at the University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab from Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States, and Profile America: History of the telephone. (Keywords: Atlas, DNA, Maps, Swedish, Unforeseen Matches.)

Premium Episode 165
A head to head comparison of the Genealogy Giants: Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch and Findmypast with Sunny Morton. If you’re fairly new to genealogy research this really lays a terrific foundation. If you’re a more experienced genealogist you’re going to pick up things you didn’t know about these sites, and gain confidence to branch out into sites you may not be using.

Premium Episode 164
We explore researching in historic newspapers with TV producer and Genealogy Gems listener Sarah Mayberry Morawski. You’ll hear the incredible genealogy gems she found, how she found them, and Lisa’s top newspaper research strategies.

Premium Episode 163
160,000 pieces of undelivered mail dating back to the 1600s, how to find U.S. Navy photos, researching at the Family History Library at Brigham Young University with Joe Everett, a brand new Book Club recommendation, and the latest on alternative DNA samples and crime fighting.

Premium Episode 162
A conversation with Theresa Fitzgerald, Chief of Archival Operations at the National Archives at St. Louis, Missouri. An emotional support resource for those with unexpected DNA test results. Military ephemera treasures from Military Minutes contributor Michael Strauss. Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard on ancient DNA and suggestions for filling in the gaps of your family stories from The Archive Lady Melissa Barker.

Premium Episode 161
An interview with Katherine Borges, Co-Founder and Director, International Society of Genetic Genealogy. A new database for discovering your Mayflower ancestry; tips for finding an old news segment interview; an inspiring genealogy organizing project; new Genealogy Gems Book Club suggestions from guru Sunny Morton; The Archive Lady Melissa Barker on cleaning up old family documents; and how Military Minutes expert Michael Strauss identified an old military photo he found on ebay–and then took a second look.

Premium Episode 160
A conversation with Genealogy Giants guru Sunny Morton about her recent family history discoveries in an unexpected place, along with tips for your own online searches; A digital archive where you can send your old undeveloped rolls of film for processing—and then share them online; A Google Books discovery from a Premium listener in my own family; Tips on preserving newspapers from The Archive Lady, Melissa Barker; and what’s improving about your DNA ethnicity results.

Premium Episode 159
Inspiring family history discoveries on YouTube, in new online genealogy record collections and at a Family History Center in California; Suffragette records and stories discovered by one of our favorite Book Club authors, Nathan Dylan Goodwin, as he was researching his newest book; The fascinating history of the Merchant Marine: I join forces with Military Minutes contributor Michael Strauss to answer a Premium member’s question.

Premium Episode 158
An exclusive interview with Deborah Thomas of the Library of Congress about the historical newspaper website, Chronicling America. A loving daughter hears her father telling stories she always wanted to hear–35 years after his death. Also: identifying a US soldier’s remains; A DNA question about Native American ancestry and three great Genealogy Gems Book Club suggestions.

Premium Episode 157
Diahan Southard answers a YDNA question, get tips on researching at the courthouse with Melissa Barker, and Michael Strauss talks with Lisa about identifying old postcards. Also: Premium membership gets a serious upgrade, a new book and a new name!

Premium Episode 156
Inspiring insights will help you curate your family photo collection and preserve old letters for future generations. Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard tells us when and why to consider getting a second opinion on DNA test matches. Hear great tips and stories from Margaret Linford on using wills and probate records in your research.

Premium Episode 155
Exclusive interview with Sylvia Brown on her new book, Grappling with Legacy, about coming to terms with her family’s legacy of wealth, philanthropy—and slaveholding; A lost WWI gravemarker makes its way home, thanks to someone who posted it on Facebook instead of throwing it away; A listener’s question about building her tree on; and The Archive Lady Melissa Barker describes genealogical treasures you may find in museums.

Premium Episode 154
We’re celebrating the end of 2017 by reflecting on why genealogy is so good for us–and the people we love. Highlights include: A news roundup on the Genealogy Giants websites; Genealogy Gems Book Club suggested reading; AncestryDNA’s new opt-out policy and what it means for you; How to review all your hints from the same record collection at once; Tips on backing up new copies of existing files; How scraps of paper and “orphan documents” can help your family history; and a touching story about a relative who made plans to keep sharing her love for family even after her passing.

Premium Episode 153:
Learn what those little notes on US passenger lists may tell you about your immigrant ancestors from Jackie Schalk at the Ellis Island Foundation. Did they naturalize? Did they travel 2nd class or steerage? What was their destination in the US? Even Lisa Louise Cooke learns surprising truths about her immigrant  relatives. Also: old needlework reveals the lives of long-ago women and The Archive Lady on when to keep family artifacts.

Premium Episode 152:
Lisa Louise Cooke comments on a DNA ng surprise. Guest translator Katherine Schober answers a Premium listener’s question about Google Translate and how to tell German from Dutch. Contributing Editor Sunny Morton compares record hinting tools at the giant genealogy websites. Lisa brings an old audio technology back to life: hear original Voice-O-Graph recordings and exclusive tips for cleaning up digitized audio.

Premium Episode 151.
Lisa Louise Cooke brings together several voices to share their family history research stories and expertise. Journalist Helene Stapinski, author of Murder in Matera, talks about researching her Italian immigrant ancestors. Katherine Schober, a German-language translator, has tips on using Google to help you translate genealogy documents from another language. Lisa and Stephen Morse have tips on reviewing census entries for an entire neighborhood or town. Archivist Melissa Barker shares tips on keeping up with what’s new at your favorite archive.

Premium Episode 150
Lisa and guest genealogist Leslie Huber discuss gathering family health history. Lisa shares strategies for finding an ancestor’s cause of death; Editor Sunny Morton chimes in with a story about a baby’s premature death in a mill town. Learn tips for using DNA for family health clues from Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard. Also: DNA reveals just how related is a small community in England; Book Club recommendations from listeners; The Archive Lady introduces you to genealogical treasures in vertical files; and Lisa answers a question about family history software.

Premium Episode 149
Learn from Lisa Louise Cooke and Melissa Barker to find and use original manuscripts in archives. Also: learn how to order a copy of a post-WWII draft registration and how to measure genetic relationships with DNA . A reading from the new Genealogy Gems Book Club title, too!

Premium Episode 148
Lisa Louise Cooke welcomes novelist Fannie Flagg on writing great characters into historical settings and her novel The Whole Town’s Talking. Volunteers inspire with an oral history project and returning orphaned heirlooms. Tips for calculating cousin relationships, on and off your favorite genealogy websites.

Premium Episode 147
Fellow Evernote expert Kerry Scott joins Lisa Louise Cooke to chat about their favorite genealogical uses of Evernote organizational software. A big San Francisco mystery was recently solved using genealogy research strategies. A listener blogs about her trip to a historical museum, which shed light on her ancestors’ lives. Finally, a closer look at a popular database that appears on all the major genealogy records websites—but in slightly different formats.

Premium Episode 146
Lisa welcomes military genealogy expert Michael L. Strauss for a special conversation marking the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War 1, on April 6, 1917. He shares plenty of records, and a poignant story about the Gold Star mothers of World War I. Also in this episode: Were immigrant ancestors’ names changed at Ellis Island? Lisa shares the immigrant traveler’s usual paper trail, which suggests otherwise. And a listener writes in with her strategies for getting out of her “research rut.” Plus another listener shares a blog post about a relative who died in a plane crash, following our recent series on disasters and tragedies in our ancestors’ lives.

Premium Episode 145
Best-selling author Annie Barrows talks about her novel The Truth According to Us and how we all must make sense of what’s true in the past. Also: Lisa Louise Cooke introduces a museum curator who has done some great genealogical sleuthing for a new exhibit; a Premium member shares her family disaster stories (TWO in the same family!); Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard shares a great case study about mixing autosomal and mtDNA information; and Lisa shares expert tips on researching historical disasters online; searching Google Books for free ebooks; and creating your own Google Books cloud library.

Premium Episode 144
Lisa Louise Cooke chats with Nancy Hendrickson, author of the Unofficial Workbook, about tips for taking your research to the next level. Also: a listener’s research discovery that ended up in an exhibit about Danish emigrants at an overseas museum; a leading Australian businessman shares what his family history means to him; and Diahan Southard talks about the evolving meaning of DNA ethnicity estimates.

Premium Episode 143
Lisa Louise Cooke welcomes Gems editor Sunny Morton to share what she’s learned (so far) about her family’s experience in one of the most horrifying disasters in U.S. history: the Johnstown Flood of 1889. Also: A library book gets returned 100 years late!; How a UK genealogist helped an Australian family identify old family vacation photos; How Google PhotoScan improves your ability to take digital images of old pictures—without glare; Jim Beidler talks about The Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs or Meyers Gazetteer, and; A library research tip and freebies from a listener; The Genealogy Gems Book Club has a new featured title by an internationally best-selling U.S. novelist; and Great Depression Era Feedsack Dresses.

Premium Episode 142
Genealogy Gems Book Club interview with author Sarah Chrisman. The story of Betty McIntosh, a World War II reporter, spy and CIA operative. Lisa shares strategies for searching for video footage on both YouTube and Google. What to do if you need to put your subscription on hold. The logistics of doing DNA with your relatives.

Premium Episode 141
Lisa talks to Maureen Taylor, “the Photo Detective” about Victorian-era portrait photography. Hear about people who are buying back their childhood homes—and suggestions for catching a glimpse of your own (including, possibly, a virtual tour of the inside!). A spotlight on newly published military records. Strategies for doing preliminary research online. An advanced Google search strategy you may find tremendously effective.

Premium Episode 140
Jennifer Davis from the Records Division at FamilySearch talks about death and cemetery records available on She updates us on their progress in digitizing the entire FamilySearch vault and talks about the future of our ability to order records on microfilm. Also in this episode: A story about how an 1856 train ticket and Christina Baker Kline’s novel Orphan Train helped one woman solve the mystery of her grandfather’s adoption—and revealed the story behind it of a determined widow who never gave up on her children; We hear briefly from genealogist Lou Szucs who retired last year from; Advice for a genealogist who’s in a slump; Military history gems on YouTube; A special Genealogy Gems Book Club season ahead with a featured author and how we are going to celebrate her unique lifestyle.

Premium Episode 139
The Genealogy Gems Book Club interview with Chris Cleave talking about his runaway best-selling novel, Everyone Brave is ForgivenFollow-up tips for discovering your own family’s stories in World War II newspapers; How a crowd-sourced effort on Facebook sent a family Bible back home; Evernote v. One Note, and free v. premium access to Evernote–and creative solutions for making free Evernote work for you; Follow-up tips from Premium listeners on the Atlas for Historical County Boundaries; A new novel from a favorite Genealogy Gems Book Club author; and a story from Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard about researchers who are analyzing DNA from ancient ponytails–and what itdoesn’t mean for your genealogy research.

Premium Episode 138
This episode is a great mix of family history education, innovation and inspiration: a fantastic story about twins who were separated at birth and how they have recently discovered each other; a listener’s thoughtful follow-up comments on our mystery tombstone tale and another listener’s inspiring Google research success story—to which I’ll add a few more tips myself; Pinterest for family history and follow up tips on how to edit your pictures right on your mobile device to help make them more Pinterest-worthy; a tech tutorial on finding images within Google Books; how to get the most out of unindexed or browse-only genealogical records content; Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard joins to talk about new DNA communities that are popping up online.

Premium Episode 137
How Harrison Ford’s acting chops run in his family; What’s been going on with the partly-disabled online Atlas of Historical County Boundaries—what’s in the works to improve it and how best to use it meanwhile; Why the appearance of new naturalization records online makes me happy; Tips for using Google Books for Genealogy—and a follow-up Google success story; Step-by-step sleuthing into the mystery of a duplicate tombstone; The new Genealogy Gems Book Club featured title.

Premium Episode 136
A comparison of Google searching v. Google Scholar for genealogy–and then another comparison of Google Scholar and PERSI, the Periodical Source Citation Index; An excerpt from the Genealogy Gems Book Club interview with author Helen Simonson on The Summer Before the War; A great online tool – – for mapping ancestral properties and suggestions for solving those computer error problems we all hate; Health insights and stories from Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard; The new David Rumsey Map Center at Stanford University in California.

Premium Episode 135
Why take a lunch break with PERSI; Genealogy TV shows and films making news; New tech tools Lisa is watching; Emigration records: would your ancestor appear in these?; DNA questions for Diahan; Listener email answered: finding more recent records than are on; Evernote for Windows gets a facelift; The DAR is taking DNA evidence; The Johnstown Flood.

Premium Episode 134
Irish genealogy research tips with Donna Moughty; Lisa’s expert tips for recording oral history interviews with your mobile device; How listening to podcasts makes you extraordinary; Passport records; A tool for determining if a website is down; How one city is working to preserve a cemetery’s historic headstones; and How to talk about DNA at your next family reunion or gathering.

Premium Episode 133
Interview with Peggy Lauritzen, AG, on finding the women in your family history; The Genealogy Gems Book Club interview with Tara Austen Weaver, author of Orchard House: How a Neglected Garden Taught One Family to GrowSpring 2016 Who Do You Think You Are lineupan email from a Premium member and new blogger who shares a cool tool for syncing his blog content with his own online tree; and when to run a yDNA 3 Scenarios from Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard.

Premium Episode 132
Special Census, Mitochondrial DNA, Where I’m From inspirational poems, the first naturalized citizen, Book Club excerpt, software that will sync with Ancestry, new genealogy records.

Premium Episode 131
Genealogy cruises with Judy Russell; news about Findmypast and Mocavo integration; War of 1812 pension records FREE on Fold3 and new records from around the world; RootsTech 2016 and NGS conferences; Finding family history on ebay and an Evernote tip from a listener; The NEW Genealogy Gems Book Club featured title; ethnic percentage DNA results; searching indexed data v. unstructured data in digital books and newspapers.

Premium Episode 130
This episode features two incredible interviews. The first is the much-anticipated Book Club interview with Lalita Tademy, author of Citizens Creek, which tells the stories of African Americans and Creek Indians. And the second is with Norma Somerheiser on the Germans from Russia – their journey and legacy. Also new records and Your DNA Guide discusses How to Find Homes for Your Genetic Fourth Cousins.

Premium Episode 129
Church records research, using YouTube for genealogy, lots of new online records, six answers to one listener’s question, and demystifying Ancestry’s DNA Circles.

Premium Episode 128
Courthouse research tips and tales to inspire your next foray to the county courthouse, a chat about our Genealogy Gems book club featured book for the 4th quarter of 2015, Census and Adoption Research, Google Searching, big conference news and some great emails you’ve sent in recently.

Premium Episode 127
Follow-up thoughts on the Ancestry site re-design and some friendly advice inspired by a new family history blogger’s great work. Exclusive Genealogy Gems Book Club interview with Pamela Smith Hill, editor of Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Diahan Southard brings us a story about a surprising genetic connection between two American women, and thoughts about adoption roots in her own family. And what Our Miss Brooks has in common with podcasting!

Premium Episode 126
When you head out on a road trip, are you tempted to squeeze some family history into them no matter who’s along for the ride? Sunny joins Lisa for a discussion of effective ways to incorporate genealogy and get your family’s buy in. Then we’ll talk about a new genealogy resource that’s so exciting it was worth interrupting a vacation, how to make Facebook show you what you actually want to see, and a few tech tips I shared during my recent keynote presentation at the BYU Family History Conference.

Premium Episode 125
Public library staff genealogist Cheryl McClellan shares strategies for getting the most out of your own public library and the public library in your ancestors neighborhoods, including her top tips on doing family history for FREE at public libraries. Also, Genealogy News, Going paper-less in the Mailbox, and the history of one of the world’s favorite foods.

Premium Episode 124
Contributing Editor Sunny Morton interviews Phil Goldfarb, author of two volumes on U.S. passport applications. Lisa has a gem that will help you use census records more accurately.  Full-length Genealogy Gems Book Club interview with Nathan Dylan Goodwin, author of our featured title, The Lost Ancestor (The Forensic Genealogist). Tips for working with and photographing cemetery headstones. An easy, inexpensive craft that would be perfect for your next family reunion. Listener comments on Ancestry’s new user interface.

Premium Episode 123
Ancestry’s made news recently with the rumor that the company is going to auction. Whether anything there changes or not, in this episode I’ll remind you what data you should be backing up, and how, if you’re an Ancestry user. We’ll also talk about some great Canadian resources, tips for Google Earth and Evernote, a free video resource that suggests an alternative to potentially destroying tombstones in your well-meaning efforts to read them, and more!

Premium Episode 122
How to find historic maps online, DNA in the UK, and the history of the linotype.

Premium Episode 121
Get ready to enjoy the long awaited full length interview with the author of our Genealogy Gems featured book this quarter, Orphan Train, Christina Baker Kline. We’ll also cover a public records search site, Family History writing, how to use Google Cache, elevator history, a story that will inspire you to never give up genealogical hope.

Premium Episode 120
In this episode we’ll be discussing what’s new in using Google for your genealogy online searches. And in the mailbox Lisa will talk with you about a new genealogy blog, getting your paper organized, how to find topics that interest you on the Genealogy Gems website, and her upcoming appearance at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree 2015.

Premium Episode 119
Hear all about Orphan Train, our Genealogy Gems Book Club selection for 1st quarter 2015. Then I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should be blogging about your family history as well as some tips for making it easier. And my genealogy buddy Maureen Taylor and I will get together to toss around some ideas about the future of genealogy and technology.

Premium Episode 118
Genealogy Gems Book Club featuring Sunny Morton’s full length interview with Emma Brockes, author of She Left Me the Gun. Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard discusses adoption and DNA, and the history of A Christmas Carol.

Premium Episode 117
Do you have a technology tummy ache? Too much of a good thing can make you sick – or at least sick and tired of navigating the countless tech tools available out there. The good news is that you don’t need them all to accomplish your genealogy goals. In most cases, just one will do. Ah, but which one you ask? Soothe your suffering by simply focusing on these top 10 technology tools that will help you bypass tech overload and get back to your genealogy research. This is the audio version of the popular Premium video.

Premium Episode 116
Marie Dougan is a professional genealogist specializing in Scottish research, and in this episode she joins Lisa on the shores of Scotland to talk about how to research Scottish ancestors. Contributing And author Laura Hedgecock is here to share tips from her book Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life. We’ll also delve into a very unusual census record, tips on becoming a professional genealogist and the Internet’s birthday.

Premium Episode 115
An update on genealogical periodicals hitting the web, 10 Cool Things Evernote Can Do for Your Research Road Trip and more Evernote tips for genealogy, a truly heartwarming story about reunited brothers, and a success story that will inspire you to not only keep climbing your family tree, but help others along the way. Plus one of our favorite record groups: old newspapers!

Premium Episode 114
What’s new in Evernote, the free note-taking service you can use for your genealogy, and how to move items into Evernote from your mobile device. Plus tips on optimizing photos for Evernote’s OCR capability. Then we’ll tackle the eternal question: “How do I organize my genealogical paper?”

Premium Episode 113
(Special FREE access to all listeners!)
Who Do You Think You Are? has become a worldwide television phenomenon, starting in the UK and making its way around the world, telling the stories of well-known celebrities in search of their family history.  Season 5 debuts here in the U.S. in the summer of 2014 and the show’s Executive Producer Dan Bucatinsky is here to tell us more about it.

Premium Episode 112
Tech Talk and Solution. Subjects covered: Facebook family groups and timeline graph search, WDYTYA 5th season, subscribing to Premium podcast episodes on mobile devices, Evernote monial, interview with Devin Ashby of FamilySearch on Google Glass and technology for genealogy, and Your DNA Guide explores the continuing role of DNA in genealogy.

Premium Episode 111
10 Ways to Add Volume to Your Family History with Video. Complete written instructions and downloadable show notes.

Premium Episode 110
Genealogy Outside the Box, Paying it Forward, New Free Apps for Genealogists, Honoring Elders, First Movie Digitized and Uploaded to the Internet, Grandma Betty and Clara’s Great Depression Cooking.

Premium Episode 109
Premium Membership Tips, Google Map’s New Time Travel Feature, Census Enumeration Maps, The Library of Congress with Head Genealogist James Sweany, and a Cold Case Busted!

Premium Episode 108
How to search for Google Earth files online, Siri Secrets, the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), and Telling Your Family History Story to others.

Premium Episode 107
Interview with Dennis Brimhall, CEO of FamilySearch, an online Missouri Research Tool, and Railroad History.

Premium Episode 106
Part 2 of the interview with Todd Lapin, of Flipboard (exclusive for Premium Members!) Also in this episode: Organizing notes in Evernote, Coalmining History, the Demise of the VW Bus and the Resurgence of LPs.

Premium Episode 105
FamilySearch Trees, Digital Libraries and Archives, Naming Your Family History Computer Files, and Another Incredible Story of a Cemetery Changed Forever.

Premium Episode 104
New Records at Fold3, History of Newsies, Research Collaboration Tips, Tips for Using Your iPad for Library Research, Evernote and Cloud Computing Questions Answered, Conand Specials.

Premium Episode 103
New Google Search Tips, Evernote Quick Key Tricks, Washing Machine and Subway History, and an Author Identified. Also, update on Premium Podcast Fee and Downcast App.

Premium Episode 102
Your Family History Life and how we can draw from our past to strengthen the lives of children, Protecting Your Genealogy from Disaster, and George Morgan on starting a genealogy club.

Premium Episode 101
New free digitized newspapers, PERSI, and using Evernote for Genealogy – web clipping large scale pages, and sharing Evernote on computing devices.  Bonus: Evernote Web Clipper Comparison Chart

Premium Episode 100
iPad Gems, Organizing Digital Files, Sneak Peek Interview with the Producer of the TV series Who Do You Think You Are?

Premium Episode 99
Understanding Meta Data, Locating Soldier Burial Locations, Vintage Cookbooks, New York Times Historical Newspapers

Premium Episode 98
Interview with Certified Genealogist and Irish research specialist Eileen O’Duill. We’ll also cover the new version of Google Earth, a free iTunes app for Mac, and researching your college-going ancestors.

Premium Episode 97
iCatcher app for Premium Feed, Flipboard, Chinese Heritage, Google Earth Update, Full Interview with Dr. Turi King at Who Do You Think You Are? Live in London.

Premium Episode 96
Online Historic Maps, Including your Evernote notes in your Genealogy Database, Free Tools for Translating Documents and Books, and New Historic Newspaper Records.

Premium Episode 95
A Comparison of Evernote and OneNote, Customizing Computer Folders for Better Organization

Premium Episode 94
Immigration Research and Ancestral Travels

Premium Episode 93
Quick Tech Gems, and Immigration Records

Premium Episode 92
DNA, Postal History, and New Online Historic Maps

Premium Episode 91
Paper, Ink, Fonts, and Books

Premium Episode 90
Google Search Mash Up

Premium Episode 89
The Ohio Expansion

Premium Episode 88
Postal History

Premium Episode 87
Quick Gems!

Premium Episode 86
Color coding your computer folders, and taking advantage of similar sites.

Premium Episode 85
Behind the Scenes of the Martin Sheen Episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

Premium Episode 84
Focus on

Premium Episode 83
Genograms with Colleen McHugh, and a Member shares her family history display.

Premium Episode 82
Special WDYTYA Edition

Premium Episode 81
Lisa’s Top 10 iPad Quick Gems

Premium Episode 80
iPad for Genealogy Part 2

Premium Episode 79
iPad for Genealogy Part 1

Premium Episode 78
Ultimate Google Search Strategies

Premium Episode 77
Are You Genealogically Aware?

Premium Episode 76
FatFingers and eBay, and 3 Tech Gems

Premium Episode 75
Google Earth Update; Visualizing Newspapers

Premium Episode 74
English Idioms, PDF Pandemonium, and Newspaper Visualization

Premium Episode 73
iWeb2Shot, and Focus on Photographs

Premium Episode 72
Newspaper Map, and Improve Your Google Earth Tours

Premium Episode 71
Quick Gem Journey

Premium Episode 70
Google Earth for Genealogy Gems

Premium Episode 69
Cemetery Records and Deceased Online

Premium Episode 68
Finding a Family Bible, Google Search

Premium Episode 67
WDYTYA, and Military Records

Premium Episode 66
Geo-Tagging, and Library Digitization

Premium Episode 65
Follow Your World, Dual Monitors, and WDYTYA

Premium Episode 64
Evernote for Genealogy

Premium Episode 63
WDYTYA Kudrow and Williams

Premium Episode 62
Interview with an Archivist

Premium Episode 61
Think Historically, and Google Earth Projects

Premium Episode 60
Rethinking the Journal

Premium Episode 59
10 Tips to be a Better Ancestor

Premium Episode 58
Private Investigation Intersects with Genealogy

Premium Episode 57
German Records

Premium Episode 56
Think Like an Archivist

Premium Episode 55
Google Earth for Genealogy Special

Premium Episode 54
Publish Your Family History on Demand Part 3

Premium Episode 53
Publish Your Family History on Demand Part 2

Premium Episode 52
Publish Your Family History on Demand Part 1

Premium Episode 51
The Census and Enumeration Districts

Premium Episode 50
Interview with Tom Jones

Premium Episode 49
New iGoogle Gadgets

Premium Episode 48
Dr. Robert and Dr. George Leonard

Premium Episode 47
Sanborn Maps

Premium Episode 46
Memorial Day

Premium Episode 45
Young People in Genealogy

Premium Episode 44
Generation Project Part 2

Premium Episode 43
Visual Genealogy

Premium Episode 42

Premium Episode 41
Behind the Scenes of Who Do You Think You Are?

Premium Episode 40
Tips for Visiting the Family History Library

Premium Episode 39
Behind the Scenes at Ancestry, Google Alert Gadget

Premium Episode 38
Behind the Scenes with Ancestry, County Boundaries

Premium Episode 37
Finding Newspaper Part 2

Premium Episode 36
Finding Your Ancestors in Newspapers Part 1

Premium Episode 35
Irish Research

Premium Episode 34
Research Hypothesis

Premium Episode 33
Homestead Records

Premium Episode 32
Interview with Jean Wilcox Hibben

Premium Episode 31
Audio Tour of the Library of Congress

Premium Episode 30
The 72 Year Rule with Joel Weintraub

Premium Episode 29
Prison Records

Premium Episode 28
Family History Charts

Premium Episode 27
Google Goodies

Premium Episode 26
Virginia Genealogy with Dr. Arlene Eakle, and More on Maps

Premium Episode 25
Geo-Tagging with Ken Watson

Premium Episode 24
Location Based Genealogy

Premium Episode 23
Location Based Genealogy Interview

Premium Episode 22
Eastern European Research, Ancestor Handwriting Analysis

Premium Episode 21
Cold Cases Part 3

Premium Episode 20
Cold Case Strategies Part 2

Premium Episode 19
Genealogical Cold Case Strategies Part 1

Premium Episode 18
Genealogical Cold Case Strategies Part 1

Premium Episode 17
Follow Up on Facial Recognition

Premium Episode 16
Tips for Finding Family History Related Items on eBay

Premium Episode 15
Interview with Ruth Mannis of The Family History Library

Premium Episode 14
Copyrights with Cath Madden Trindle

Premium Episode 13
A Fish Story

Premium Episode 12
Chicago Research, What to Do with a Moldy Photo

Premium Episode 11
Handwriting Analysis, Interview with Leland Meitzler

Premium Episode 10
What Softball Can Teach You About Genealogy

Premium Episode 9
Let Your Fingers Do The Walking Part 2

Premium Episode 8
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking Part 1

Premium Episode 7
GOOGLEPALOOZA  and Heirlooms

Premium Episode 6
Googlepalooza: and iGoogle

Premium Episode 5
Walking in My Ancestor’s Shoes

Premium Episode 4
Save Your Research From Destruction

Premium Episode 3
Seven Strategies That Will Lead You To Living Relatives

Premium Episode 2
WPA Records with Paula Stuart Warren

Premium Episode 1





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