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  • Exclusive downloadable handouts for the Elevenses with Lisa show
  • 50+ Premium videos – most with downloadable handouts.
  • Premium Podcast Audio Archive (180+ episodes)
  • New content added monthly.
  • Just $49.95 for 12 months annually – cancel any time.

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Members Only:
Premium eLearning
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  • Premium Podcast episodes 1-100 updated show notes
  • 50+ Premium videos handouts
  • Space for note-taking throughout
  • Spiral bound to lay flat for writing
  • 323 Pages with topics index
  • Just $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery while COVID-19 safety measures are in place. 

Important Information about becoming a Member: Please check your Spam folder for verification and confirmation emails during the sign up process. Some email providers (such as and block automated subscription emails. You can usually combat this by adding our email addresses to your Contacts list (genealogygemspodcast @ and Service @ If you still don’t receive the verification email please email us and we will personally help you get signed up. We care about every genealogist and are here to help!

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OMG, I’ve had my Premium subscription less than a week and it has already proved to be valuable in a big way. I have been using Familysearch for years but never realized the VAST store of information in the unindexed section of their website! I never knew it was there let alone how to get to it. I was out walking yesterday while listening to one of the Premium podcasts when it was explained how to get to these records. When I got home and checked it out, I was totally blown away by the possibilities that await me there. THANKS!
From Steve S.

Check out Premium eLearning: Here’s a 10 minute clip for Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast episode 157 that includes an overview of how Premium eLearning works and why you’re going to love the book. (Please allow a few moments for audio to load after clicking the Play button below.)

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I’m a new premium member and am blown away and having an amazing time.  Thank you!
From Donna S.

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