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Your next genealogy event deserves a dynamic, educational and entertaining presenter! A genealogist since childhood, a background in theater, and hundreds of presentations around the world position Lisa as a world-class genealogy speaker. She will bring a deep understanding of her topics in a fun, easy-to-understand, and downright entertaining way. Her multi-media presentations will have your audience enthralled and inspired to learn more about their family history.

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About Lisa Louise Cooke

Lisa Louise Cooke is CEO of Genealogy Gems, a genealogy education company featuring The Genealogy Gems Podcast, available in all popular podcast services, and the Genealogy Gems app. She’s the author of 4 books and she has published hundreds of videos at the Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel. She also produces The Family Tree Magazine Podcast, regularly writes for the magazine, and teaches for Family Tree University. Learn more about Lisa here.

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The audience took away so much information.  There was tremendous chatter over the Google search information and Evernote segment!  I’m sure our members have had a grand time using the information you sent forth for their research.  You are a fantastic speaker, we loved your voice and charisma!

Danielle Pieper

Pikes Peak Genealogical Society

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The Genealogist’s Google Search Methodology

It’s a new decade, so if you think you know how to Google, think again! Technology changes rapidly and keeping our search skills updated and sharp is key to search success. Come learn the latest Google Search Methodology for Genealogy. You’ll hear about the latest and best search innovations, and learn the process that will dramatically improve your genealogical search results. These skills can be used with all associated Google tools.

Seeing Family History Through Google Lens

This exciting hour will open your eyes to the multitude of uses of Google Lens in family history! You’ll learn what it is, where to find it, and how to use it. You’ll be amazed at what Google Lens can do for you both in your genealogy life and your every day personal life. 

How to Make New Photo Discoveries with Google Images

You’ll learn new strategies for finding photographs and images that apply to your family history. Lisa Louise Cooke, author of the best-selling book The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox will also show you how you can use Google Images to help identify some of the images and photos you have in your own family scrapbooks!

Photo Identification Techniques: 3 Case Studies

In this session, you’ll see how free tech tools and some creative sleuthing turned unidentified photos into identified treasures. You can do it too, and this class will show you how!

How to Reopen and Work a Genealogical Cold Case

Become a genealogical detective in this vital session. You’ll learn to track ancestors like a criminal cold case detective, sniffing out holes in your research and getting missing information on the record with cutting edge technology.

From Linda, Seminar Organizer in Texas: “Thank you again for making our day fantastic.  I have heard so many ‘thank you’ comments from the attendees and everyone had a wonderful day. I don’t know where you get you energy but I am sure glad you have it.  It was a great day made even better by you.”
How to Organize All this Genealogy Stuff!

Save yourself future frustration and disappointment by putting a solid genealogy organizational plan in place for all the types of items that will be coming your way. I personally use the systems that I am sharing with you, and they have proven to be reliable and efficient. We will cover systems for 4 types of stuff:
1. Organizing All This Paper! The Physical Items Organization System
2. Organizing All That Genealogical Data! The Family Tree Data Organization System
3. Organizing All These Digital Files! The Digital Organization System
4. Organizing All that Web Information! The Online Notetaking System

Google Books: the tool you should use every day!

Learn the secrets of getting more than you ever imagined from the largest online collection of digitized books, Google Books. With 25 million books, many of which are digitized and fully searchable, Google Books should be the first place to which you turn as you climb your family tree. Learn how to make the most of this goldmine chock full of historical data with little-known techniques from the Google Guru, Lisa Louise Cooke, author of the book, The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox.

Google Search Strategies for Common Surnames

Discover tips and tricks to find your ancestors with common surnames and surnames that double as common words in the English language with Google.  Learn how to weed out irrelevant search results to save time and get to what you want faster.  Then save and automate your searches to run for you! You’ll not only improve your searches, but also improve the chances that the information you post online will be found by other genealogists facilitating collaboration!

Reconstruct Your Ancestor's World with Google

A wide variety of rich resources are available for free through Google. But it’s not just Google search that can lead you to genealogy gems. Google’s empire includes a great collection of free online tools that are all powered by the same Google search engine, and many are brimming with historical information. In this case study session, we will flesh out the story of a family tree by using a variety of Google tools, and bring it all together in a compelling video that can be shared with your family.

Google Earth Pro for Genealogy

Google Earth Pro is a 360 degree three dimensional way to view your ancestor’s world!  In this session you will learn how to use Google Earth‘s tools in conjunction with genealogical research techniques to identify old photos, find, plot and virtually visit your ancestor’s homestead, and locate and utilize historic maps.  Finally, Google Earth has the power to geographically document your ancestor’s lives.  Every genealogist can benefit from using Google Earth Pro, and best of all, it’s FREE! 

Time Travel with Google Earth

Get ready to experience old historic maps, genealogical records, images, and videos coming together to create stunning time travel experiences in the free Google Earth program. We’ll incorporate automated changing boundaries, and uncover historic maps that are built right into Google Earth. Tell time travel stories that will truly excite your non-genealogist relatives! You’ve never seen anything like this class!

The Great Google Earth Genealogy Game Show – Fascinating Family History Fun!

Getting your family involved in the family history can be challenging, but with Google Earth you can grab their attention and get them willingly involved! This session, presented in a game show format, will show you the possibilities that Google Earth offers. Contestants will be selected from the audience and arranged in two teams. Host Lisa Louise Cooke will take everyone on a tour of the globe using Google Earth, asking genealogical questions of the teams along the way. The team that answers the most questions correctly win prizes. Everyone who attends will not only learn more about genealogy, but they will also see the amazing capabilities of Google Earth when used for genealogy! It’s fun for everyone

How to Create Exciting Interactive Family History Tours with Google Earth

Google Earth is much more than just a mapping program.  In this presentation you will learn how to harness Google Earth’s capabilities by using it as a multi-media way to tell your ancestor’s story and leave a legacy for future generations. Learn how to incorporate images, videos, genealogical documents, and historic maps and bring it all together in a unique virtual family history tour that you can share on blogs, websites, by email and more, as well as use to further your research through geographic analysis.

Create a Free Google Earth Map Collection for Your Research

Come to this session and you’ll walk out with potentially thousands of free historic maps organized for your family history research. And the good news is, you don’t need a lot of tech know-how to do it! You’ll learn how to find free digital maps for your ancestral locations, add them as permanent map overlays to Google Earth, and then organize them into your personal map reference collection. We will also cover best practices for keeping them organized so that they continually enrich your research.

Get the Scoop on Your Ancestors with Newspapers

Yearning to “read all about it?” Newspapers are a fantastic source of research leads, information and historical context for your family history. Learn the specialized approach that is required to achieve success in locating the news on your ancestors.  Includes 3 Cool Tech Tools that will get you started.

Inspiring Ways to Capture the Interest of the Non-Genealogists in Your Family

If you are researching your family tree but haven’t shared it with your family in a way that sparks their interest, then you are only experiencing half of the joy of genealogy! And if your descendants don’t grasp the importance of their heritage, your hard work may tragically find its way to the city dump when you are gone. Don’t just collect your family history and store it away in binders and files! Learn how creative displays, crafts and digital content can capture the imagination of your non-historian friends and relatives, while honoring your ancestors. These projects are guaranteed to inspire your family to ask you to tell them more about the family tree!

How to Save Your Research from Destruction & Ensure Its Future Survival

Don’t let your lifetime of genealogy research end up in the landfill!  Lisa Louise Cooke  will teach you the 7 key strategies to securing the future of your research including designating a  “research keeper,” setting up a Genealogy Materials Directive, and making donations with a Deed of Gift.  Don’t miss this class – your family research legacy depends on it!

Tap Into Your Inner Private Eye: 9 Strategies for Finding Living Relatives

Learn the techniques that Private Investigators use to track down missing people.  These strategies will help you find those elusive living relatives who just may hold the key to your brick wall or possess that treasured photo you’ve been looking for.

“The members of our club thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.  You are clearly passionate about history.  You also did a terrific job with the PowerPoint photos and captions.  We would love to have you back from another genealogy presentation.”

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