Episode 1 Video and Show Notes

Live show air date: March 26, 2020
Join me for Elevenses with Lisa, the online video series where we take a break, visit and learn about genealogy and family history.

I first heard the term “elevenses” while watching the British TV series  Good Neighbors (Get it here) (known in the UK as The Good Life). While the traditional time for a morning break of tea is 11:00 AM, Tom and Barbara Good would have theirs at 9:00 AM because they got up at dawn to work on their self-sufficiency lifestyle.

Book Recommendation:

Mama’s Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes (Get it here)

Mama's bank account

Lisa Louise Cooke recommends this book in this episode.

Movie Recommendation:

I Remember Mama starring Irene Dunne (Get it here)

I remember mama movie recommendation

Lisa recommended this movie in this episode.

MyHeritage Photo Colorization

MyHeritage Complete and PremiumPlus subscribers can colorize an unlimited number of photos.
Not a member? Start a trial here and you can colorize 10 photos.

Ancestry.com Records Highlight

Genealogy Research Tech Tip

Look to the next page. Many passport applications are double-sided and may include a photo!

Googling and YouTube

Terrific Tabs

  • Create a bread crumb trail of your searches by opening each in a new tab.
  • Right-click (Windows) on video links to see the video in a new tab.
    how to reopen a browser tab

    Right-click on the new tab and select Reopen Tab

Also mentioned: Google’s MyActivity will show you your search history when you’re logged into your Google account.  There you can also control your Google privacy settings.

Google Chrome Extension: Snooze Tabby

(Get it here for free.) Use Snooze Tabby allows you to hide tabs and have them return on the date and time you want them. (The half moon icon referred to is now an owl icon.)

Reopening Closed Tabs

Right-click and click Reopen Tab. You can also use these quick keys:
Control + Shift + T (Windows)
Command + Shift + T (mac)

Using tabs in genealogy research - reopen closed tabs

You can reopen multiple tabs. Each time you use the above quick keys it opens the previous tab going back in time.


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Everyone likes a good cup of tea (or coffee, or…), a snappy tech tip, and learning ways to be more productive and inspired, right? I hope you’ll consider even sharing “Elevenses with Lisa” with your friends who say they’re not interested in genealogy. You never know, they might just get interested in family history. 

England Wales electoral registers Be_A_Dear_Please_Share new records Ancestrycom

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