How to listen to the Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast on your mobile device

The “Premium Podcast Feed” allows you to listen to the Premium Podcast and get new episodes automatically on your computer or mobile device.  As new episodes are uploaded, they will automatically be added for you while you are a Premium eLearning member. You may be prompted to sign in with your username (not your email address) and password in order to access the episodes. Click below to get to the instructions that are right for you:


Have you received an error message while trying to listen to a Premium Podcast episode on your phone? Recently the message below started appearing on iPhones (image #1)
This can occur when the operating system (Apple or Android) wants you to take action on something. Essentially, your phone’s OS stops select functions in some apps from working until you complete a task. This can include updating the OS, or something simple like reconfirming your email address or phone number.  
These steps have been shown to resolve the problem:
  1. Close the Downcast app. (If you just downloaded an episode that didn’t play, we recommend deleting it.)
  2. Go to your Settings and see if there are any indicators that there are tasks to be done. (Image #2)
  3. On General you may see a red circle with a number in it. That is the number of tasks waiting to be completed.
  4. Tap General and take care of the task. 
  5. Reopen the Downcast app
  6. Re-download the desired episode if you deleted it.
  7. Tap to play the episode. 
  8. If it still isn’t resolved, close down all apps and try restarting your phone. 

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Image #1:

Image #2:

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