Free Google Earth for Genealogy Video Class

Google Earth for Genealogy classGoogle Earth offers a 360-degree, 3-dimensional way to explore, document and share your ancestor’s world!

Google Earth is known for its ability to virtually “fly” us to locations around the world. We can use satellite imagery, terrain maps, 3-D views of city streets and more to understand all kinds of places–even places of the past. (Note: Google Earth Pro is now available for free, and everything I cover here can be accomplished in both versions of the program. The main difference is that Google Earth Pro and print and save HD quality images.)

Yes, we can harness Google Earth to explore and document our ancestors’ lives–and then share those discoveries with others in multimedia style. It’s one of the best online genealogical tools available, and best of all, it’s FREE!

In the FREE Google Earth for Genealogy video class below, you will learn how to unlock mysteries in your research, from unidentified photographs to pinpointing homesteads. Below the video player are more resources to help you get the most out of Google Earth for genealogy.
Length: 66 minutes


how to use google earth for genealogyHow to host map images online
(Free downloadable PDF)

The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, Second Edition by Lisa Louise Cooke. This book has 7 full chapters on Google Earth! The 2nd edition, fully revised and updated in 2015, is available in print and e-book form.

Google Earth for Genealogy Video Training by Lisa Louise Cooke. Available now as a digital download.


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