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Genealogy Gems Goodness for the Droid Now Available! 12/13/10

Ever since we launched the Genealogy Gems Podcast App for the iPhone and iPod Touch earlier this year, we’ve heard from Android users that they want to be able to stream the show on their mobile devices too. And now they can! The Genealogy Gems Podcast Companion App...

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How Google Earth Could Save Your Life 11/22/10

It starts out so innocent. You and your spouse decide you want to take the family out for a day of enjoying the great outdoors.  The climb up the local mountain is challenging and exhilarating. Now it's time to head home, back down the mountain.  But as darkness...

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Cavemen Celebrate Vital Record Today 9/30/10

Yabba Dabba Do!!!! Today is the 50th anniversary of The Flintstones, everyone's favorite modern stone-age family! Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty debuted before I did, which means I can't really remember a time without them on the family tube.  In fact, as a budding...

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Genealogy Gems on Your iPad! 5/3/10

Hello readers, I'm Vienna Thomas from the Genealogy Gems team, and I have an exciting announcement to share.  The iBooks store has just released Lisa's book Genealogy Gems for the iPad, available for purchase for only $9.99! We are really excited to be able to...

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You See But You Do Not Observe 4/26/10

In A Scandal in Bohemia, private investigator extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes brings to our attention that our skills of observation can always be improved upon.   Whether reviewing a fragile marriage certificate or taking in a tin type, heightened skills of...

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A New Source of Help for Google Books 3/29/10

One of the Google’s many resources is Google Books, which allows you to browse through books and magazines of almost any topic imaginable. (Have you checked out Ancestry magazine back issues at Google Books?) But if you’ve been having trouble using the site, want more...

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File Search Trick, and Prepping for an Archive Visit

Podcast Listener Joan wrote me recently:  "I get to spend a day at the National Archives. What should I do to prepare to take full advantage of the visit? I checked their website, but it was not as helpful as I hoped. Any suggestions?" While this first resource is...

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Family History Never Tasted So Good!

I gave a presentation on Inspiring Ways to Capture the Interest of the Non-Genealogists in Your Family at a local genealogical society, and I gave an example of some items I had found on Ebay from my husband’s Larson family.  Genealogy Gems Podcast listeners have...

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