How to Set Up the Premium Podcast on Apple Devices

The Genealogy Gems app does not include the Premium podcast because it requires a membership. Unfortunately Apple’s Podcasts App doesn’t (currently) support membership podcasts either. However we have two options to recommend for apps that will support the Premium podcast. One is a podcast app, and the other allows you to download the episodes straight from our website. 

OPTION 1: iOS App:

Downcast – Jamawkinaw Enterprises is in the Apple App store and allows you to play all of your podcast subscriptions. The app also allows you to easily manually add the Premium podcast feed and login. Please note: Download the episodes to listen to them.

Downcast (and other apps) usually don’t support streaming of subscription podcasts. Also, the native Podcasts App for iPhone will not support the Premium Podcast. The podcast feed can be added, but episodes will not be playable or downloadable. Please use the Downcast App.  Watch the video to see how to set it up. You’ll find written instructions below the video. 

How to set up the Premium podcast in the Downcast app:

(Please note: successful setup requires following these instructions exactly with no deviation. We want you to enjoy the Premium Podcast so please contact us here if you have any trouble with the set up process.)

  1. Touch + Add button
  2. Select Add Podcast Manually
  3. Carefully type in Premium feed URL address (case sensitive) or better yet, copy and paste it exactly (with no extra spaces at the end):
  4. enter username (case sensitive – this must be the user name you received when you became a member, not your email address. If you have forgotten it, email service @ )
  5. enter your password (case sensitive)
  6. Touch DONE
  7. Touch SUBSCRIBE link (upper right corner)

You have now successfully subscribed to the feed.

How to Download Episodes for Offline Listening

(We recommend downloading which is more reliable than streaming and doesn’t require an internet connection):

  1. Tap PODCASTS at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap The Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast listing
  3. You won’t see any episodes yet. Tap VIEW OTHER AVAILABLE EPISODES
  4. Here you will find all the episodes. Tap the one you want
  6. Tap the back arrow (upper left corner) to go back to the feed
  7. Tap the back arrow to go back to all of your subscribed podcasts
  8. At the bottom of the screen, tap DOWNLOADS
  9. Tap ENABLE DOWNLOAD QUEUE (You can change the settings of the app to do this automatically if you wish in MORE > SETTINGS
  10. Leave this screen open until downloading is complete

How to Listen to Your Downloaded Episodes:

  1. In the menu at the bottom of the screen tap PODCASTS
  3. You’ll see your downloaded episodes on the first screen
  4. To see the rest of the available episodes (not yet downloaded) scroll to the bottom of the page and tap VIEW OTHER AVAILABLE EPISODES

How to make Downcast automatically download the most recent episode:

  1. In the menu at the bottom of the Downcast screen tap MORE
  3. In the NEW EPISODES ACTION section, tap the first option –  It may say DOWNLOAD MOST RECENT of DO NOTHING
  5. Go back
  6. At the bottom of the screen tap PODCASTS
  9. Tap the download icon at the bottom of the page that lists the episodes (looks like a down arrow into a folder)
  10. Tap DOWNLOAD ALL (NOTE: If your device is set to only use wifi to download, you might need to “Enable” the download queue. And although show notes are not available through the app, they are always available at

OPTION 2: Downloading episodes to your device with the Documents app

The FREE Documents app supports downloading of a variety of file types to your device including MP3s (podcast audio files). You’ll find this app handy not just for Premium podcast episodes.

Do the following while connected to your wifi.  Watch the tutorial video below in Full Screen mode by tapping the full screen mode.

  1. Download Documents from your app store
  2. Tap EDIT in the upper right corner
  3. Tap the New Folder icon in the upper right corner
  4. Name the folder “Premium Podcast”
  5. Tap Done
  6. Tap the Web Browser icon in the bottom right corner
  7. Go to
  8. In the menu go to Premium > Premium Podcast Episodes
  9. Scroll down to the desired episode and tap the link to go to the episode’s show notes page
  10. Sign into your membership when prompted
  11. Under the media play tap the “Audio MP3” button
  12. Tap in the “Save to” field and then tap the Premium Podcast folder that you created
  13. Tap Done (upper right corner)
  14. It will take several moments (depending on your internet speed) to download the file. You’ll see it downloading in the menu at the bottom of the screen (the down arrow)
  15. Tap the down arrow with the red circle (indicating you have downloaded episodes) if you wish to listen right now OR Tap the folder icon (bottom left corner) to return to your Documents folders.

How to Listen to Downloaded Episodes:

  1. Open the Documents app
  2. Tap the Premium Podcast folder
  3. Tap the desired episode. 
  4. It will play in the Documents app. It will also play in the background so that you can use other apps on your phone. Downloaded episodes can be listened to without any internet connection.


Watch this tutorial video below in Full Screen mode by tapping the full screen (4 arrows) icon in the bottom left corner of the video screen.

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