April 24, 2017

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New April 2017!

Institutional Records
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Evernote for Genealogy (full length classes)evernote

How the Genealogist can Remember Everything with Evernote (Beginner)

How to Organize Your Research with Evernote (Intermediate)

Making Evernote Effortless (Intermediate)

Collaborative Genealogy with Evernote

Using Evernote to Create a Research Plan

Enhance Your Genealogy with Evernote: 10 Projects You Can Do!

“Get Started with Evernote”  Mini Series
Episode 1 – Signing Up for Your Free Evernote Account & Downloading the Desktop App
Episode 2 – Getting the Web Clipper
Episode 3 – How to Clip Using Evernote’s Desktop Clipper
Episode 4 – How to Clip Content Using Evernote’s Browser Web Clipper
Episode 5 – How to Use Evernote’s Web Clipper for Chrome


Collaborative Cloud ComputingCloud Computing

Genealogists Guide to Dropbox

All About Google Drive

Cloud Computing: Interview with Dick Eastman on Cloud Computing



Getting Started with Genetic Genealogy


Geographic Genealogytime travel

Google Earth for Genealogy (Free Introductory Class)

5 Ways to Enhance Your Genealogy Research with Old Maps

Best Websites for Finding Historical Maps

Google Earth: Follow Your World

Location Based Genealogy: Using Acme Mapper

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Time Travel with Google Earth


Google Search

Common Surname Search Secrets

Ultimate Google Search Strategies

Digging Deeper into Web Sites with Google Site Search

Inspiration and Sharing

Inspiring Ways to Captivate the Non-Genealogists in Your Life

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Mobile Genealogyipad video

Genealogy on the Go with the iPad

How to Find Essential Apps for Genealogist and 3 to start using right away!



Beyond Family Tree Maker: How to Take Control of Preserving Your Family Tree Information

Hard Drive Organization Part 1 & Part 2



Brick Walls: Cold Case Investigative Techniques

Finding Living Relatives: Unleash Your Inner Private Eye to Find Living Relatives
Updated April 2017

Newspapers: Getting the Scoop on Your Ancestors in Newspapers

Newspapers: Getting the Scoop Part 2: Tech Tools for Newspapers _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Technology (General)

Tech Overview: 10 Tech Tools You Can’t Live Without

Online Video: 10 Ways to Add Volume to Your Family History with Video