sweet memories chocolate barWhat better way to entice your family to have an interest in the family history than wrapping that history around a luscious chocolate bar?

I firmly believe that family history should not sit on a shelf, but should be seen, touched, felt and even tasted! That’s why I love these Sweet Memories candy bars I designed a few years ago. They’re basically your favorite chocolate bar wrapped in a custom label with your own sweet family history memory on it. These make a great heritage stocking stuffer.

Here’s how to make your own custom labels and turn plain chocolate bars into wonderful holiday gifts for your loved ones.

You’ll need these supplies:

  • A 3.67 oz approximately sized Chocolate Bar wrapped in foil with a paper wrapper. (Dove and Cadbury are some of my favorites.)
  • Bright white printer paper
  • Computer and printer
  • A software publishing program that you can create your label in, like Microsoft Publisher. (Or try using a word processing programming using the text box feature.)
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Scanned family photos, especially old holiday photos

Instructions (for creating in Publisher):

1. Create a 7 ¾” high and 5 ¾” wide rectangle.

2. For the background image, scan a piece of scrapbook paper that you like or choose any other image. Use the INSERT IMAGE function to get it onto your page, then resize it to fit just over the rectangle that you created. (The other option for the background is to select the rectangle and use the FORMAT FILL COLOR function to color the box with the color of your choice. I used green and then chose a gradient that went from light to dark for added interest.)

3. Use INSERT IMAGE to add your photos and resize them to fit. For the front side image, I measured down approximately two inches from the top of the label, and that is where the top of the photo was placed. I set it ¼” from the left edge. Both photos are about 2” x 2”.

4. The backside photo begins 5” from the top of the label and is set ¼” from the left edge. You may also want to include a small text box that states the date and location of the photos and the names of the people.

5. The last step is to insert the text boxes. Both the “Sweet Memories” text box and the “Ingredients” text box are about 3” wide and 1 1/4” high. You can format them with the borders and colors that you want. In my example, you’ll see that I took the color cues from the colors in the photos – the crimson red and soft green.

sweet memories chocolate bar template6. Every food item has an ingredients label on it, and this bar is no exception. I had some fun with the ingredients list and played up the family theme. My ingredients list reads: Love, Family, Attention, Politeness, Grandma’s Cooking, Smiles, Caring and Time. Feel free to reflect your own family values in the list.

7. Once you’ve got everything laid out on the screen the way you want it, it’s time to print. From the menu, click FILE then PRINT and then click the PROPERTIES button. From this window be sure to select “high resolution paper” or “high brightness” as the media type, and select HIGH for the print quality to make sure you get the best, most professional looking label. Print the label, then carefully cut it out.

8. Follow the folding guidelines shown here, although your candy bar is going to dictate your actual fold lines. The first fold line is 1 ½” from the top of the label and the second fold line is 4 ¼” from the top of the label.

9. Use a small piece of double sided tape to stick the label to itself on the backside snugly.

The result is your own custom family history themed chocolate bar! It’s ready to tuck into a Christmas stocking, use at your next family reunion, or at any other time you want to tickle someone’s sweet tooth and share memories.

Here’s my final tip: Make the labels now while you have the time and buy the candy closer to the holiday to ensure the candy’s freshness.

mason_jar_custom_15822Find more great heritage crafting ideas–including photo displays and heritage quilts–on my Pinterest boards. Thank you for sharing this idea and for pinning anything you like from my boards!

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