Janes heritage scrapbookThis mini heritage scrapbook celebrates my family name–Jane–which has been passed down through several generations.

My daughter’s middle name is Jane. And so is mine. So is my mother’s, and her mother’s. In fact, we can document several generations with this name. We are “the Janes,” and we are very proud of that.

Janes scrapbook croppedSo I was thrilled when my aunt Judie (mother of a Jane) made this little mini-scrapbook for my mother. It’s an accordion scrapbook style, with several little fold-out pages. It’s mostly pictures, but Judie wrote a poem in the front. It starts:

“Grandma named my momma Jane.
It passed through my grandma’s side.
Every generation had one.
A sign of women’s pride.”

What a perfect little keepsake this is! This kind of scrapbook is easily adapted and simplified–or made even more elaborate, like the one in the YouTube video tutorial shown below. This would be a perfect craft to do with children or at a family reunion, and here’s how:

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