genealogical sourcesThis Saturday I’m giving a class on how to tackle your genealogy brick walls. If you’re anywhere near Santa Rosa, California, USA, I invite you to come! Even if you’re not, I hope you’ll check out several tips for brick-wall research that I share in a news story on the upcoming class. You don’t need to be an expert yourself to try these tips: just willing to talk to relatives and use technology tools to share information.

In that news article, I mention a quilt made by my great-grandmother for my father. It’s now been passed on to me and it’s one of my cherished possessions. In fact, I keep it my office. It inspires me!

Notice that in this picture, the quilt is actually hanging on a brick-patterned wall! It reminds me that when we hit up against “brick walls” in our genealogy research, our family memories and artifacts can inspire us to keep going. It isn’t always easy to find our ancestors, but it’s definitely worth it! Get the full story about this quilt and see more photos! in the Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 39.


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