November 22, 2017

How to Create Family History Videos

If you’ve spent some time researching your family history, your discoveries probably include old documents like census records and death certificates – not exactly exciting stuff to your kids and grandkids. And yet they are the ones you hope to pass your family’s history on to.

The truth is that the non-genealogists in your family aren’t captivated by the same things you may be. But we’re going to change all that with a tech tool that will help you create fabulous captivating videos about your family history. For perhaps the first time, your kids and grandkids will want to watch and share your family history wrapped up in these quick and professional looking videos.

The Video Tool

Create extraordinary videos of your family history with Animoto. Its fast, free & shockingly easy to use! No special skills are required! 

Watch the Video Tutorials

For best viewing, watch in FULL SCREEN mode. Click the Full Screen button in bottom right corner of each video. Press Escape to return to page.


Get Ready to Get Inspired!

Having a hard time visualizing what to make or where to start? Click here to get inspired with these examples of family history videos. The possibilities are limitless!

Start using Animoto today with a free trial! And if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can use coupon code YEAR15 to save 15% on all annual plans. *Valid through 12/31/17.

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