SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Conference 2018

Genealogy Gems at Jamboree 2018!
Genealogy Gems at jamboree

Thank you for joining us in person at SCGS Jamboree 2018

Where: SCGS Genealogy Jamboree 2018 Burbank, CA
Booth: Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems
When: May 31 through June 2, 2018

scgs genealogy Jamboree 2018


Attend our free “power” sessions in our booth. We are located right behind our wonderful sponsor. Thank you to MyHeritage for their generous prize donations!

Thursday 1:00 PM Solutions for DNA matches without a tree with Lisa Louise Cooke –
PRIZE: MyHeritage DNA Kit

Friday 9:30 AM Understanding Your YDNA Results with Diahan Southard
PRIZE: 20 minute one-on-one consultation

Friday 12:45 PM Influenza: America’s Worst Pandemicwith Michael Strauss
PRIZE:1 year MyHeritage Complete Plan Subscription

Friday 1:15  PM How to Create a Free Historic Map Collection in Google Earth with Lisa Louise Cooke
PRIZE: Google Earth for Genealogy Video Series

Saturday 1:00 PM 5 Awesome Apps that Help You Share Your Family History in Captivating Ways with Lisa Louise Cooke
PRIZE: Lisa’s Mobile Genealogy book 

I attended several of your sessions, at least one from each of you and often  more.  They were terrific, at least as good and often better than conference  sessions.  And the e-book of session notes, with the myriad of internet  links, is frosting on the cake.  Thank you.” – Bonnie

FREE EBOOK: Attend any session at our booth and sign up to receive our free ebook of handouts for all our booth sessions!

PODCAST HELP: Bring your mobile device and we’ll set up the free podcast for you!

PRIZES: At the beginning of each of Lisa’s sessions we will hand out tickets, and at the end, a winner will be drawn and prizes awarded. (No purchase necessary, and see our booth for details.)

Book Books Bundle Lisa Louise CookeBOOK SIGNINGS: Books and quick reference guides will be available for purchase, and all our speakers will be happy to sign.

Attend Lisa’s Jamboree Classes

Friday June 1 at 11:30 AM
Reconstruct Your Ancestors’ World with Google

Friday June 1 at 3:30 PM
How Alice the Genealogist Avoids the Rabbit Hole

Saturday June 2 at 10:00 AM
Storming the Iceberg! Start Online to Get Offline

Genealogy Source Citations – Podcast Episode 271

Show Notes: Finding great sources of information is part of what makes genealogy so fun! But citing those sources may not be so much. In this episode professional genealogist, Gail Schaefer Blankenau makes the case why source citation is a vital part of great genealogy research and she’s going to give us the resources to help get the job done right.

Listen to the Podcast


Show Notes

These wonderful sponsors make this free show possible:

MyHeritage DNA 

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Visit Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, Indiana is the home of the second largest free genealogy library in the country. Make your plans to visit today. Learn more at 

Visit Fort Wayne and the Genealogy Center

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Season Eight

Genealogy Gems Podcast Episodes

2012 – 2013 Season Eight

Episode 141
Behind the Scenes at the Antiques Roadshow. And what you should and should not include in your family tree.

Episode 142
Genealogy Gems Podcast listeners who are blogging about their genealogy!

Episode 143
Hear how one man’s passion for geography and history were saved from destruction, and find out what a portable scanner can do for your genealogy research and mobility.

Episode 144
Get ready to get organized! We’re going to talk about how to digitize, organize and archive your family history with Denise Levenick.

Episode 145
Blast from the Past: Episodes 5 and 6. Gems: YouTube, Bring Back Sites from the Dead, Spice Up Your Genealogy Database, Cast a Shadow on Your Ancestors, US GenWeb

Episode 146
In this episode we discuss the latest genealogy news, one listener’s fabulous use of Google Alerts, and Maureen Taylor’s new history film project.

Episode 147
Jump on the sleigh and make the rounds with me to friends of the podcast. We’ll making surprise stops at listener’s homes, drinking hot cocoa with long time friends of the show and genealogy experts, visiting with the newest member to the Genealogy Gems team, and my Grandson Davy will even make a guest starring appearance!

Episode 148
Genealogy Quick Gems: New RootsMagic App, 5 reasons you need the new YouTube app for family history, new digitized records online, sound preservation, Ancestry search tips video, and more.

Episode 149
A Blast from the Past: Episodes 7 and 8. Civil War Research and the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System Website, A Swedish-American genealogy podcast, The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, and Shake Up Your Family History research strategies!

Episode 150
Lisa celebrates her 50th birthday and the 150th episode with 50 Fabulous Family History Favorites!

Episode 151
Part 2 of 50 Fabulous Family History Favorites.

Episode 152
Highlights from Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2013 in London including an interview with Dr. Turi King who confirmed the identity of the remains of King Richard III through DNA

Episode 153
Enjoy a blast from the past with episode #10 featuring Steve Morse and his One-Step website. Then delight in Darius Gray, a genealogist and storyteller who provides tips on sharing your family history stories with your family, (recorded at #RootsTech 2013.)

Episode 154
Travel back to #RootsTech – You’ll hear 10 Top Tips for How to Bust Through Your Genealogy Brick Wall, and get the scoop on the new partnership between OCLC / WorldCat and FamilySearch.

Episode 155
Catching Up on Everything Genealogy, and WikiTree Update

Episode 156
What to do when technological changes create mayhem in your life.  Also, get a sneak peek at new changes coming in Ancestry search, and women in naturalization records.

Episode 157
Blast from the Past:  First up is Genealogy Gems Episode #11, first published May 07, 2007, (How to Find Pictures from the Past with, and a Family History Decoupage Plate Project) and Episode #12 (Top 10 Tips for Finding the Graduation Gems in Your Family History.)

Episode 158
Exclusive interview with Allie Orton, Producer of the U.S. TV series Who Do You Think You Are? Also in this episode: the new Genealogy Gems Windows 8 App, Update on Fold3, OCLC and FamilySearch partnership, and British Research Resources.

Episode 159
Come along as we solve a family history mystery with high-tech and low-tech tools, discuss how to begin African-American research, explore newly available Canadian records, and contemplate the value of work as well as the values we want to pass on to our kids and grandkids.

Episode 160
In this episode you will meet other listeners who are getting the word out about their family history through blogging as well as give you some genealogy blogging pointers,and I will introduce you to my first “Favorite Genealogy Gems.”

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