Premium Podcast Episode 137

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with Lisa Louise Cooke

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Episode highlights:

  • How Harrison Ford’s acting chops run in his family
  • What’s been going on with the partly-disabled online Atlas of Historical County Boundaries—what’s in the works to improve it and how best to use it meanwhile
  • Why the appearance of new naturalization records online makes me happy
  • Tips for using Google Books for Genealogy—and a follow-up Google success story from Kevin
  • Step-by-step sleuthing into the mystery of a duplicate tombstone
  • The new Genealogy Gems Book Club featured title
Wikipedia Commons image. Click to view.

Wikipedia Commons image. Click to view.


IN THE NEWS: Harrison Ford, Celebrity Family Tree article

Harrison Ford’s Alumni Profile at Ripon College website

How and why to create an alternate family tree


NEWS: DPLA and FamilySearch Partnership

DPLA and FamilySearch partnership press release

Amy Crow’s video on using the DPLA:

NEWS: Atlas of Historical County Boundaries Update

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast episode 70


RECORD SPOTLIGHT: Naturalization Records

Statistics on naturalization rates quoted in podcast episode

New naturalization record collections came online in June for the states of CT, NM, NH, IN, CO, MN, WI, RI, VA, IA, MT, MI, VT, IL, KS, NE, MO, MD, UT, SD. Updated collections were posted for the states of CA, PA, MA, ME, AZ and NY.

Search all naturalization records at exclusive naturalization index (1791-1992)

New naturalization records came online for PA, NY, CT and MA.

Search all naturalization records at

New England naturalization records at

Naturalization records series in the free Genealogy: Family History Made Easy Podcast:

Episode 29: Immigration and Naturalization Records for Family History, Part 1. Genealogy lecturer and blogger Stephen Danko, PhD, begins a 3-part series on U.S. immigration and naturalization records. Learn about passenger arrival lists in the U.S., little-known certificates of arrival and naturalization records: how to find them and what’s in them.

Episode 30: Immigration and Naturalization Records for Family History, Part 2. Stephen Danko continues this series by focusing on passenger departure records created in European ports. He also talks more in-depth about U.S. naturalization records.

Episode 31: Immigration and Naturalization Records for Family History, Part 3. Stephen Danko talks in-depth about passenger list annotations and the immigrant’s experience at Ellis Island. You didn’t know what you were missing with those mysterious scribbles on 20th-century passenger manifests!

Library and Archives Canada on Canadian citizenship and naturalization

FamilySearch wiki on Australian naturalization and citizenship

Finding Naturalization Records: Where are the Women?

FOIA: Ordering naturalization files since 1906

Google Drive Packs Powerful Punch


PREMIUM HIGHLIGHT: NEW All About Google Drive Premium Video

Click here to reach the full archive of Genealogy Gems Premium videos, including All About Google Drive



AUDIO CLIP: Google search success story from Kevin

Diary of Cecile Murat, 1795-1825, online at Internet Archive


MAILBOX: Where was Eliza buried? (The mystery of the duplicate tombstone)

Article on this story, with images of the records mentioned


MAILBOX: How to download Backblazebackblaze online cloud backup for genealogy

Click here to learn more about Backblaze

Click here for step-by-step with screenshots on how to download Backblaze


NEW GENEALOGY GEMS BOOK CLUB SELECTION: Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleavegenealogy book club family history reading

It’s a story inspired by love letters exchanged between his grandparents during World War II, when they were each in dangerous places: he on the island of Malta and she in London, both of which suffered some of the worst sustained bombing campaigns of the war.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven Chris CleaveEveryone Brave is Forgiven is a fast-paced book. It begins in London in 1939 with Mary North, a wealthy young lady from a privileged family who, on finding out that war has been declared, immediately leaves her finishing school and signs on for the war effort without telling her parents. She fulfills an assignment as a school teacher long enough to make a meaningful connection with a school official and one of her students. Then her students (along with the rest of London’s children) are evacuated to the countryside, leaving her to figure out what to do next.

The plot gets a lot more involved from here. There’s a love triangle, a long-distance romance, a series of scenes that take place on the heavily-bombarded island of Malta, harrowing descriptions of the London Blitz, homeless children who return from the evacuation only to find themselves parent-less, homeless and in constant danger. It’s intense and eye-opening, but it’s compassionate and it’s still very readable for those who have less of a stomach for blood and guts but still want to understand some of the human experience of living and loving in a war zone, and then picking up the pieces afterward and figuring out how to keep living.

Chris Cleave on the U.S troops coming to Europe in World War II:

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PROFILE AMERICA: Online shopping

Guests at my table family history inspiration

CLOSING: Ancestors in my Kitchen Corner

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