Find German Ancestors! Bridge the Gap with New International Network

bridge gap to German ancestorsA new international resource can help those with German roots bridge language and information gaps to find German ancestors.

Recently I heard from Timo, a longtime Genealogy Gems fan and fellow genealogy podcaster whom I’ve met on the road before. He wrote to tell me about an exciting new international partnership to help those with German roots–wherever they live now–to reconnect with their German ancestors.

The partnership is called “Bridging the Gap between North America and Europe for Genealogists.” It’s a joint effort of the Germanic Genealogy Society, a German genealogy umbrella organization called Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbände, and the Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota.

According to the partnership webpage, “This partnership forms a German-American genealogy structure between countries and organizations for sharing contacts and genealogical research. This partnership is open to all organizations interested in Germanic genealogical research.” Their plan is to develop contacts between members and organization and pool their collective knowledge of research strategies, resources, websites, guides, experts and speakers. They may eventually host conferences.

The partnership is between organizations, so to participate you’ll need to belong to one of the member societies. In addition to the founding partners listed above, several other societies have joined and others are in the process (see the partnership webpage, above). If you already belong to a society that has enough members with German roots, why not encourage your society to join the partnership?

Find German Ancestors with these Gems

custom_classifieds_12091German Newspapers in the U.S.: Read All About Them!

More German Genealogy Records at

German Records Interview with Tamra Stansfield, AG (Genealogy Gems Premium website membership required)

Need a Genealogy Speaker? Here’s the Affordable Solution

Genealogy Gems for societies around tableDoes your genealogy society or library group struggle to keep finding engaging, expert speakers and fresh newsletter content? Genealogy Gems for Societies offers an affordable solution!

Genealogy Gems for Societies is a subscription service that lets small societies show any or all of our Premium video presentations during meetings. Lisa Louise Cooke is a nationally-ranked genealogy speaker who teaches these same classes to standing-room-only crowds at top conferences. Her inspiring videos pair traditional research skills and record sets–like newspapers, maps and more–with empowering technology tools, like Google, Google Earth, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

Member societies also have permission to reprint their favorite Genealogy Gems website articles in their newsletters. Our site is packed with over 1000 articles on research tips, record types, inspiring ideas for sharing family history, technology tools, genealogy industry news and more. What a boon for newsletter editors, who often go begging for someone to please write something to fill their newsletter pages!

Every year, we spend hundreds of hours generating all these videos and online articles. Now small societies can purchase the rights to use them for only $199 (US) for a full year!

Genealogy Gems is a Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) partner and societies that are members of FGS qualify for an additional discount.

“FGS is excited to be partnering with Genealogy Gems,” said D. Joshua Taylor, FGS President. “The opportunity to provide educational benefits for our member societies enriches the entire genealogical community as societies adapt and grow to meet the needs of today’s members. This partnership offers FGS members access to a wide range of resources for their members and we look forward to working with Lisa Louise Cooke.”

FGS members can sign in to the FGS website here to obtain a member discount coupon code.

Additional perks include:

  • downloadable and re-printable handouts
  • discounts on Lisa’s books for the entire society

Click here to learn more about Genealogy Gems for Societies. 

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