Premium Episode 55 – Google Earth for Genealogy Special

Date Published: Sept. 28, 2010

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This is a special Google Earth for Genealogy edition of the Premium Podcast featuring exclusive content from the brand new DVD Google Earth for Genealogy Volume II (watch this short video to see what the DVD includes.)


Google Earth for Genealogy
Now Available!  Google Earth for Genealogy Volume II DVD

Google Earth Edition of the News

New Google Earth Imagery added during the summer of 2010 features:

Finland – Southern areas
Netherlands -Soest, Maarssen, Bussum, Vlaardingen

United States:
San Jose, CA
Sacramento, CA,
Des Moines, IA
Boston, MA
Las Vegas, NV
Seattle, WA
Waukegan (IL),
Portland (ME),
Tallahassee, and the Florida counties of Sarasota, Levy, Hernando, DeSoto and Martin

Alert Bay

Summer 2010 Google Earth Update KMZ (update: no longer available)
(Right click to Save to your computer. When you double click it to open it will automatically launch Google Earth and will display all the new imagery areas in red which makes it easy to see if it affects any of your research areas.)

New maps at David Rumsey
Google Earth for Genealogy (Volume I) video series:
Video #2  – How to import and overlay an historic map from the Rumsey Historical Maps (within the Gallery Layer) onto the Google Earth globe.
Video #6 – How to create your own historic map overlays using those maps that you’ve found over the years.
Last spring added another 764 maps, and this summer of 2010 they added another 564.

When you find a map that you want to add to your own historic map collection in Google Earth just download it from the David Rumsey website to your computer, and then follow along with video 6 in the Google Earth for Genealogy (Volume I) video series to use it to create a custom overlay and size it up to fit exactly to the Google Earth globe.  Once save to Google Earth Places Panel you can access it any time you need it.

Browse all 564 new maps added during the summer of 2010

Browse the 764 new maps added Spring of 2010

How to Search the David Rumsey website: 
1. Go to
2. Click the Launch Collection in Luna Browser button or from the menu hover your mouse over View  Collection and select Luna Browser
3. From that page click the Launch Luna Browser button
4. To browse the collection hover your mouse over EXPLORE in the menu and select Browse All
5. Along the left hand column you’ll find categories to choose from
6. In the upper right corner of the page just type some keywords into the search box.
7. Just below the search box you’ll find an Advanced Search link.

19th century maps for children

The England Jurisdictions 1851 Interactive Map at FamilySearch
  England Jurisdictions 1851    

Library and Archives Canada new Land Petitions online database:
Library and Archives Canada (LAC)  “Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763 -1865).”    

A bit of controversy – Google Earth and pools
Read the article


GEM: 3D Models for Google Earth.  An Interview with Ash Scott of Estate3D
Ash Scott, Owner of Estate3D

Visit Estate3D to learn more

PROFILE AMERICA:  Father of Space Flight

Premium Episode 56 – Think Like an Archivist

Date Published: Oct. 18, 2010

Click here to download the Show Notes pdf

Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast News:
How to get the corrected dates in iTunes and on your mp3 player
1. Try right clicking the feed in iTunes
2. Select Update Podcast to see if they dates update in the Release Date column.   If that doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to delete the feed and re-subscribe.  But be aware that older episodes have been removed, so if you want to keep them save them elsewhere first.

FamilySearch Recent Enhancements
4 Major Updates to FamilySearch Beta:
– Redesigned Home Page
– The New Getting Started Section
– Redesigned Learning Resources including online Research Courses
– FamilySearch Center Section  

The Library of Congress
Call to Record Veteran’s Histories During the Veterans History Project’s 10th Anniversary Commemoration
Their goal is to gather the accounts of 10,000 veterans by Veterans Day.   Library of Congress Public Service Announcement with more info

Project Guidelines

Request information by email from or call the toll-free message line at (888) 371-5848.

Google Earth Street View now available on all 7 continents! 
Street View Recently added:

Street View of Long Ago:
Over at the Google Blog they published an article called “The world as the Eagle and the Wild Geese See It.”  The photo is part of the archive at the Boston Public Library.  “Google Earth users have contributed to the creation of a 3D, photo-realistic virtual world by using tools like Google Building Maker, which makes it easy for anyone to use aerial imagery to model 3D buildings for display in Google Earth.” Google Building Maker  In Google Earth for Genealogy Volume II DVD I show you how to import and embed images that you find into your family history maps.

Google Alerts for video is now in 40 languages

Set up alerts for historic video footage you can incorporate into your Google Earth maps. Check out Amy Coffin’s We Tree blog where she talks about the party I held and a fun cake I made for the occasion Ain’t No Party Like A Genealogy Party.
Steve’s Genealogy Blog
Latin is the newest language to be added to their Google Translate tool.

I love getting your emails and hearing how you’re applying what you are learning to your own family history.  Dot Elder from Australia wrote in recently to share how she’s applied the techniques we cover in the Google Earth for Genealogy videos which are part of your Premium membership to her family history maps.   Dot’s Family History KMZ File
Genealogy Gems 97 (update: no longer available)

“I love your personal touch -it’s like a friend to friend conversation, yet I am learning so much.” 

“So I could understand their connection I placed them on their farms using an overlay and Google Earth…I have found that by using a visual geographical presentation such as Google Earth to place information of our  ancestors and those with my ancestors names,  I have now a much better grasp of the individuals, their families and their relationship with each other. They  starts to become real as we start rebuilding their lives in context with the geography and the history of their times.”

How to Save and Open a KMZ File on a PC:
1. Right click on the file
2. Save it to your hard drive
3. Open “My Computer” go to the file
4. right click the zipped KMZ file
5. select EXTRACT ALL save all the contents to your hard drive
6. Click on the extracted KMZ file it will automatically open Google Earth

If you have any project you’d like to share I’d love to hear about them.  Email Lisa

GEM: Think Like an Archivist
Interview with Nancy E. Loe, MA, MLS
Finding Hidden Genealogical Materials in  Libraries and Archives

Nancy’s Genealogy Blog: 

Download Nancy’s notes packed with websites: How to Think Like an Archivist!

Premiumn Episode 57 – German Records with Tamra Stansfield, AG

Premiumn Episode 57 – German Records with Tamra Stansfield, AG

Date Published: Oct. 29, 2010

Click here to download the Show Notes pdf


Ancestry News:
Article: Make Crime Pay with new Federal Prison Records.

Google for Genealogy Updates:
Google has just released new historical imagery in Google Earth covering nearly all of London from 1945.

Updates to the Panoramio Layer in the Layers Panel in Google Earth.  Panoramio Website
They’ve updated their network link KMLs that are used in Google Earth to make them faster and more useful.

Google Earth for Genealogy DVD series

KML file links mentioned in this episode:
1. Popular photos in Google Earth
(click on the link in the lower-left corner of the Site)

2. Popular photos in Google Earth (Including photos not selected for the Panoramio layer in Google Earth.)
(you need to select the box before downloading the file from the lower-left corner of the Site)

3. Recent Panoramio uploaded photos
(select the recent tab and then click on the link in the lower-left corner of the Site)

4. Photos from a specific tag.  Search Panoramio.

New Map Images in Google Earth:
west part of Lima Peru
Kimry, Russia
Medford, OR

Genealogybank News:
GenealogyBank announced the addition of millions of new records from over 74 newspapers in 30 sates from 12/22/1824 to today including:
– Philadelphia Inquirer
– Longmont Ledger  out of Colorado
– Kansas Baptist Herald
– Vermillion Today out of Louisiana
– The Lexington Clipper-Herald of New Hampshire
– And many more!

Using our links supports the free podcast – thankyou!

Library of Congress Acquires Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Portraits
From the press release: The Library of Congress has acquired an exceptional collection of nearly 700 ambrotype and tintype photographs showing both Union and Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. To view the photographs online, click here.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress


Google Translate iGoogle Gadget

From Darren Engh:  “Catching up on your premium podcasts and loving your Google earth videos.  Makes me realize my work is never done…….. and I love it.”
Search results for Norwegian research in the Family Search Wiki

The (Very) Unofficial Privacy Guide

GEM: German Records
Lisa’s Guest: Tamra Stansfield, AG
Tamra is a German Research Consultant within the International Research Unit at the Family History Library.

Tamra says that to find German records in the Family History Library website, you should run a “Place Search” within the Library catalog.  You’ll need to know the record jurisdictions of the locality your researching.  You can view the records through your local Family History Center (Find the center closest to you)  Instructions for ordering microfilm through your local Family History Center go to the search wiki and do a search on “Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche from a Family History Center.”

Types of German Records:
Census Records / Population / Residency
Compiled Genealogies
Emigration / Immigration / Migration
Land and Property
Medical (Innoculation)

Tamra’s Suggested Further Reading:
Jensen, Larry O. Genealogical Handbook of German Research, Pleasant Grove, Utah, 1980; available at ~ Research Helps ~ Articles ~ “G” ~ Genealogical Handbook of German Research, Chapter 11, Record Repositories. provides a complete listing of Ortsippenbuchs available digitally online at  Online Berlin City address books from 1799-1943.  Modern day telephone book ~ Gazetteers ~ use the down arrow to go to “Using Meyers Gazetteer” for instructions and links to the digitized version.  Also available at

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