Premium Episode 68 – The Family Bible, Google Search

Date Published:  May 6, 2011

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Google Earth has uploaded some updated imagery including high-resolution aerial updates 

TIP:You can use the View > Historical Imagery option in the Google Earth toolbar along the top of the map to see imagery choices through the time slider.

Use Google’s Follow Your World  to set up an alert for updated imagery in ancestral locations.

Ancestry announced that along with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum the launch of the World Memory Project

People anywhere in the world can help in this unique effort to make collections from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum available online by visiting and registering to become a contributor.

The Yad Vashem collection site to learn more about the Holocaust and to contribute your personal stories, knowledge and thoughts to this expanding historical record.    Photo Collection


Mary in Iowa had great success adding her Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast feed to the Beyond Pod app on her Android Phone. 

Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast Feed:  

How to set up the Genealogy Gems Premium feed on the Android smart phone:
1. Open the Beyond Pod app
2. Add feed
3. Edit feed
4. Scroll down
5. More Settings
6. Scroll down to Feed Authentication
7. Enter username and password
9. Update Podcast  

Newspaper Webinar:
Getting the Scoop on Your Ancestors in the News
Webinar recording in Video section of the Genealogy Gems Premium Membership website

War memorials site in Finland 

Linda says they have made a couple of map projects which are only in Swedish at this time.

GEM: Google Search – Hiding from View

In my book The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox we cover all the ins and outs of searching for your family history with Google.  And up to now search was really about what you put IN to Google.  Well, recently Google announced a new addition to your search toolbox.  And this little trick is not about what you put IN to your Google Search, but rather what you take OUT of it.   

Block Results is currently available for three web browsers: Google’s Chrome 9+ browser, IE8+ and Firefox 3.5+

Update: Blocked sites is now a Chrome extension, and is no longer part of regular search results. Managed Blocked Sites Page:

Google Search Tips and Tricks webinar at RootsMagic (scroll to the bottom of the page)


GEM: Hope for the Family Bible
Rodney McCulloh shares his inspirational story of the path that he followed that lead him to the old family Bible.

Rodney McCulloh’s family website

Scanned images of the Bible pages

Historic McCulloh photos

Listen to another inspirational story about the return of a war hero’s Bible: Genealogy Gems Podcast episode #109

Share your inspirational stories:
Email Lisa:  genealogygemspodcast @
Leave a VoiceMail:  (925) 272-4021

Premium Episode 69 – Cemetery Records with Deceased Online

Date Published: May 24, 2011

Click here to download the Show Notes pdf


The Library of Congress has launched the National Jukebox
It’s a great collection of old time records that have been digitized and you can listen to online.
The collection:

How Mother made the soup
Charley Case, performing
March 18, 1909

Lisa’s first playlist 

Plain old kitchen chap
Charles Ross Taggart
June 21, 1916

How to Make a Playlist

1. Click on the Playlist button that you will find wherever a recording is featured.
2. The Playlist will open in a separate window, so you can continue browsing
3. The button briefly turns red, and says Adding
4. Search and add audio
5. Remove an item in the playlist by clicking the delete button next to it in the playlist window.

Ideas for keywords to search:
Military related
Home life
Family themes
Favorite composers  

Southern California Genealogical Jamboree
June 10-12, 2011
Be part of the audience for the Genealogy Gems Podcast Live on Sunday June 12 at noon.

Lisa’s special guests will be Allison Stacy, editor in chief at Family tree Magazine, and Handwriting Analysis Expert Paula Sassi.   One lucky listener will be selected to have their ancestor’s handwriting analyzed at the show.  If you are planning to attend Jamboree and you have a document that includes your ancestor’s handwriting, and you would like Paula to analyze it, you can submit it for consideration by going to The Genealogy Gems Podcast Facebook Fan Page and clicking the Like button, and then posting the scanned document on the fan page.  Include the ancestor’s name, the date of the document and why you want to have Paula analyze it. Then on Friday June 3, 2011 I will select one lucky listener who will join us onstage with their document during the show and Paula will analyze it.    

For more information visit the Genealogy Gems News blog


iGoogle Compound Gadgets are no longer “compounded”

Updated Google Earth Videos now feature Version 6.0 Street View
– Watch for “low tech” Premium member only emails from Lisa Genealogy Organization
Family Tree Magazine YouTube video on organizing your hard drive
– 2 part video series on Hard Drive organization is currently part of Premium Membership

Memorial Day – May 30
Richard shares his website that includes articles celebrating his father’s military service.

GEM: Cemetery Records with Deceased Online
Lisa chats with Richard Gray of Deceased Online known as the “Central Database for UK Burials and Cremations.”  There’s a lot to learn about cemeteries and new collections coming online.&

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