Premium Episode 59 – Ten Tips to Be a Better Ancestor

Date Published: Nov. 27, 2010

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Household Duties in 1911
An item from the latest edition of the Lost Cousins newsletter… George and Susan Day in the 1911 British Census.  Check it out for yourself using a Census Reference search at – enter the Piece number as 10758 and the Schedule number as 82.  

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Google buy medication online from india Earth releases new street view images in Germany
Google Earth now has street view coverage in 20 Germany cities including Berlin, Bonn, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Dresden. Hamburg, Hannover, Koln (Cologne), Leipzig, Mannheim, Munchen (Munich), and Stuttgart.&

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Google Earth for Genealogy DVD Series
Volume II I introduce you to 3D models in Google Earth and the potential for these to help us re-create the homes and villages where are ancestors lived that might no longer exist.

Watch the Video:Sketchup and iClone

iClone by Reallusion  

GEM:  10 Tips to Be A Better Ancestor

1. Cite your sources
2. Back up your data
3. Keep a journal – record the every day stuff
4. Pull together your own records
5. Make audio and video recordings – make one explaining why all this genealogy mattered
6. Organize your stuff in a way that demands respect
7. Identify your research keeper
8. Interview your relatives, starting with the oldest, right now.  Feeling like you don’t have time?  Remember, you’re lucky, your descendants will never have the chance.
9. Draw in your non-genealogist family members
10. Label all your photos (even in frames)

Premium Episode 60 – Rethinking the Journal

Date Published: Dec. 16, 2010

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Legacy Christmas Stocking Project
Watch the 2 part video series at the Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel.
Get step-by-step downloadable instructions on pdf

Ancestry is now sporting a Century Of Vintage Sears Catalogs Online 
The collection includes the Spring / Summer and Fall/ Winter editions and they cover 1896 to 1993.  This collection offers a unique look at out ancestors households, and frankly a sweet sentimental journey back to our own childhoods. To find the collection just go to, click the SEARCH tab, and go to the Card Catalogue.  There you can just do a quick search for Sears Catalogue.

Stars Announced for 2nd season of the genealogy TV series “Who Do You Think You Are?”
As you may know by now, the new season will start up on Jan. 21, 2011 and run on Friday evening and will feature:Tim McGraw, Lionel Richie, Rosie O’Donnell, Ashley Judd, Steve Buscemi, Vanessa Williams and Kim Cattrall

Lisa to speak at the Who Do You Think You Are? Conference in London
February 25 – 27Lisa will be presenting How to make Google work harder for your family history! On Sunday the 27th at 12:15.


Mary asks Lisa to comment on the article Google Quietly Kills Phonebook Search
Lisa’s recommendations from her recorded webinar presentation How to Find Living Relatives available in the Genealogy Gems store at


Michelle  writes to recommend a gem:
The National Archives of the United Kingdom podcast released on 11-19-2010 on the London Gazette: “Family History specialist Audrey Collins discusses how researchers can get the most out of the London Gazette, Britain’s oldest continually-published newspaper”.   

Phil Crane has a questions about working with Ancestry and Rootsmagic:
Bruce Buzbee of Rootsmagic says:  If only a few people are changing up on Ancestry, the downloaded file can be imported into a new blank database in RootsMagic.  That filecan then be opened side by side with the existing RM database.  You can then drag and drop a modified person from the newly imported database into the existing RM file.  If you drag a person from one file and drop them on the same person in the other file, RM will merge the two records, keeping only the unique information between the two (in other words it doesn’t duplicate information that is the same in both records).   

GEM: Rethinking the Journal
10 journal topics for you to write about.

This would be a journal that you keep in your desk where you do your research, and can just pull out now and then and jot down your answers to these questions: 

1. Why does doing genealogy matter to you?
2. Why do you think it will be important for generations to come?
3. What  are your dreams?
4. What is your hope  for your future generations?
5. What do you want your descendants to really know about you?
6. What’s your average day like?
7. What are the changes you’ve seen over the years?
8. What do you wish you had known at age 20?
9. What are Your predications for the future?
10.“I remember when” entries

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Premium Episode 61 – Think Historically, and Google Earth Projects

Date Published: Dec., 309, 2010

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The Library of Congress
The Chronicling America website recently added 440,000 digitized newspaper pages

Ancestry has announced some of the records they are working on for 2011

FamilySearch has launched their first Polish Indexing Project.  if you would like to help index this new Polish project contact FamilySearch by email at

Who Do You Think You Are? is Coming to DVD

Jeanette wrote in looking for a work around for a genealogical road block
New York Vital Records Statistics Office states that only a spouse or child could obtain a copy of a death certificate.   Jeanette’s Blog

Jim Beidler, author of the State Guide to New York for Family Tree Magazine  suggests “requesting to see the estate file in the surrogate’s court, because a copy of the death certificate is usually with that file.”

Margel Soderberg sent me and email about some holiday fun for genealogists.

“My brother loved it ,and it has decorated the shelf above his computer for the past year.  It will be sad to see it go.  But, I wonder what he has in store for me??”

Google Earth for Genealogy Projects
Premium member Will Haskell wrote in to say “one of the things I have started is using Google Earth for is my cemetery research…Right now I am actually adding placemarks for gravestones and adding a weblink that takes me to the gravestone on FindAGrave. Check out the attached KMZ file which has a few gravestone locations in a cemetery in New Gloucester, Maine.“

Google Earth for Genealogy volume II DVD addresses the Sketchup 3D Warehouse. Do a search on keywords like  Grave, grave stone and tombstone you’ll find that there are many out there already created by other modelers that you can download into Sketchup, and edit them from there.

Post your Google Earth KMZ files on the new Message Board in the Premium Message Forum called Google Earth for Genealogy KMZ Files. It’s a place to post and share your projects.

GEM: Thinking Historically
Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast
Using the Genealogical Proof Standard in Episode 20

Update: The Video: What is Historical Thinking? is no longer available on YouTube. Still interested? Search for <historical thinking> at
5 Aspects of Historical Thinking

1. Multiple Accounts and Perspectives 
No single account written from one perspective captures the complexity of the past.

2. Analysis of Primary Sources
Learn how to read question, contextualize and analyze these different sources as they tell different stories about the same event.

3. Sourcing
Identifying and asking questions about the origins of the source.  The authors purpose and perspective.  Who it was created for.  It’s agenda.

4. Understanding Historical Context
The center of Historical thinking: Who are they talking to? What purpose? What was the climate at that time?

5. Claim-Evidence Connection
“When we write histories we tell stories and answer questions. To be called history, these stories must be supported by evidence…These are integral to understanding how we know what we know about the past.”

Thinking historically can make us better family historians!

GEM: Look What You Can Find In Newspapers Online!
Article from the Winona Daily Republican newspaper dated Dec. 26, 1900.
Winona Newspaper Project website 

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