AncestryDNA recently announced 15 million users. In their press release, they highlight some of the new features that have developed over the years to make DNA testing even more successful. But 15 million users doesn’t solve genetic genealogy’s biggest obstacle: DNA matches with no tree! Read on to learn how a DNA match with no tree is no problem!

One of the most widely recognizable DNA tests on the market comes from AncestryDNA. Genealogists and non-genealogists alike have tested with the global giant, and as their database grows, there is even more opportunity to make connections! Here is the announcement from Ancestry about what this milestone means and what you can expect to see with AncestryDNA in the future.

Ancestry Announcement

May 31, 2019

We are thrilled to celebrate a groundbreaking Ancestry milestone with all of you: more than 15 million customers have received DNA results!

We are honored to have played a role in empowering the journeys of personal discovery for over 15 million people around the world through AncestryDNA, it is a true sign of how deeply important it is for people to connect and learn about their past. But this is just the beginning. As the network continues to grow, we can deliver even more value to our members, including more granular insights about heritage and compelling new paths to learn about ourselves using genetics.

New Communities: As the AncestryDNA network grows, Ancestry scientists can refine and discover more communities using Ancestry’s patented Genetic Communities™ technology – a proprietary technology that can connect people through their DNA to the places their ancestors lived and the paths they followed to get there over the past 75-300 years. Ancestry recently released 94 new and updated AncestryDNA communities for customers of African American and Afro-Caribbean descent, with even more communities launching soon.

Refined Ethnicity Insights: As more people take the AncestryDNA test, Ancestry scientists are able to add additional samples to our reference panel, paving the way for more refined insights for members about their genetically inherited ethnicity. Thanks to the largest consumer DNA network, AncestryDNA is preparing another update for later this year which will include new ethnic regions and providing many members with a more detailed view of their heritage.

Even More Matches and Discoveries: The size of the AncestryDNA network directly increases the quality and quantity of discoveries people can make using tools such as DNA Matches, and one of our newest features, ThruLines™. ThruLines (currently in BETA) can show common ancestors that members may share with their DNA matches and give a clear and simple view of how all matches are connected through that shared ancestor. With this innovation, combined with millions of Ancestry member trees, family tree building has never been easier, and the discoveries people can make are unprecedented. Additionally, now that the AncestryDNA network has over 15 million members, each AncestryDNA customer receives an average of 50,000 total matches – and that number grows by 2%-5% each month as more people join the network.

Every day, our team is working towards delivering products that both optimize and expand what is already the world’s most robust consumer DNA network, and we are proud to be the #1 selling DNA test on the market.

Thank you to all of you, our members, who have made this 15 million milestone possible. This is just the beginning of the journey.

What About New Matches With No Tree?

While the growing database of AncestryDNA test-takers sounds like it would open a lot of doors, genealogists are still struggling with receiving new matches that do not have a public tree and do not respond to emails. But here at Genealogy Gems, we are always thinking outside of the box to find the unfindable! It may seem like a roadblock to receive a tree-less match, but we’ve got a detour that will re-route you to answers.

In the Premium eLearning Video Webinar, “DNA Match with No Tree? No Problem!” DNA expert Diahan Southard and Google Guru Lisa Louise Cooke bring a concrete solution to one of the biggest problems genealogists face when it comes to DNA research: a best match with no online family tree. You’ve heard about how genealogical DNA is being used in high-profile criminal cold cases such as the Golden State Killer. Learn how to use many of the same techniques to solve your own genealogy brick wall!

Here’s a preview:

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Lisa Louise Cooke Author

About the Author: Lisa Louise Cooke is the producer and host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, an online genealogy audio show and app. She is the author of the books The Genealogist’s Google ToolboxMobile GenealogyHow to Find Your Family History in Newspapers, and the Google Earth for Genealogy video series. She is an international keynote speaker and the Vice President of the Genealogical Speakers Guild.

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