WDYTYA logoThe genealogy genre of television continues to make a splash in prime time. Who Do You Think You Are? is leading the way and inspiring our genealogy journey with a fresh perspective on research strategies.

The BBC has just announced their season 13 celebrities for Who Do You Think You Are? and we are excited! We have many British readers and wanted to share the good news. In particular, our American readers may be especially interested in yet another version of WDYTYA to sink their teeth into! Though viewers in the U.S. will not likely be able to view the show in its entirety, anyone can enjoy helpful video clips at the BBC WDYTYA official YouTube channel.

Colette Flight, executive producer, says that season 13 will hold some “incredible stories…sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, but always compelling.” We all love a good story, but you might be more interested in the research techniques the show shares.

As I watched clips from season 12 on YouTube, I was intrigued at just how many Irish genealogy tips and tricks I learned. Did you know that vestry minutes held at the church could hold state information such as what your ancestor did for a living? This was because, at one time, Ireland was ruled from London, and the Protestant Church of Ireland was like a branch of government. Church records, including vestry minutes, could hold some key pieces of information for your family history.

Season 13 of WDYTYA will air this fall with Danny Dyer, best know for his role in EastEnders, finding out he has some royal connections.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini will share her journey as she finds out more about her long lost great-grandfather, Tommy. It was also interesting to note that Cheryl used DNA to help make ancestral connections.

Amanda Holden, Sophie Raworth,  Ricky Tomlinson, Sunetra Sarker, Warwick Davis, Greg Davies and Irish television presenter Liz Bonnin are among the line-up. I’m especially looking forward to one of my all-time favorites, The Lord of the Rings star Sir Ian McKellen.

American based TLC has also recently announced that the U.S. version of Who Do You Think You Are? has been renewed for another season. The exact release date for season 9 is still pending, but we will be following along closely to let you know when we do!

What has been your most favorite or inspiring WDYTYA story? Has there been one in particular that has helped you to make a connection in your own family? We’d love to hear about it! Please leave us your story in the comments below.


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