Looking for last-minute holiday heritage craft inspiration for over the holidays? Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite heritage and holiday crafts made by myself and Gems listeners. Make a gift for yourself or someone you love!

8 Last Minute Holiday Heritage Gift and Craft Ideas

1. Heritage Christmas Stocking

Watch this 2-part video series on my YouTube channel about how I created a homemade stocking that celebrates all the moms who came before me. It’s a crazy quilt design with embroidery and photos I transferred to fabric. Here’s a handout with instructions.

Christmas Heritage Stocking by Lisa Louise Cooke

2 – 4. Heritage-themed jewelry (3 ideas!)

There are SO many wonderful ways to wear our family history. Click below to see examples and instructions for each of these three ideas:

5 – 6. Heritage Christmas Ornaments (2 ideas!)

Heritage Picture Frame Ornament

  • picture frame ornament has black and white photos inserted in the openings of small wooden craft frames. The frames are painted frames silver and hung with simple metallic twine.
  • The gorgeous ornament shown here, made by professional genealogist Amy Urman, was featured in Genealogy Gems Premium podcast episode 15 (Premium website membership required to access–but you can look at it here for free!). Amy takes old glass and crystal and scrapbooking paper and solder and creates these one-of-a-kind holiday tributes to her ancestors.

7. Heritage Calendar

Ring in the new year by making a calendar packed with family photos and even birthdays, anniversaries or other family celebrations. This was another great idea sent in by one of our listeners!

8. Holiday Heritage Wreath

You can make a family history-themed wreath with tiny photos of loved ones intertwined in the branches, so that the faces of your loved ones can be part of your holiday celebrations. Click on the link above to see inspiring photos and find a link to a 4-part video tutorial.

More Holiday Heritage Craft Ideas from Genealogy Gems

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