Evernote for AndroidAre you using Evernote for genealogy and an Android user? Then you’ll be interested the pretty substantial update that Evernote for Android just got!

Last year’s Evernote 6 for Android has been updated to meet Google’s new design specs for Android. A recent Evernote blog post explains these updates as reaching for the best of what Android has to offer now along with the unique look and function of Evernote.

According to the Evernote blog, the new look adds shadows, depth and subtle animations to guide the user experience. “The end result of this process is visually pared down,” they explain. “For example, we made the note editor as sparse as it’s ever been on Android. Evernote is your workspace, so we wanted to make it as clean and uncluttered as possible to minimize distractions to your writing.”

The collaborative features of Evernote–which I really love and talk about elsewhere on my website–also get a visual shout-out. “The note view now shows a picture of a colleague to communicate their presence in shared notes,” the product team explains. “This pairs with easy entry points into Work Chat to make the collaborative Evernote experience feel alive and dynamic.”

The team says that they listened a great deal to user feedback–in fact, that’s how they knew when to deviate from the Android norm. “Some aspects of Google’s suggestions weren’t appropriate for Evernote, and our users let us know that. The end result feels like an app experience unique to Evernote.” They also responded to user demand for a new note button that can be customized and reordered.

There’s a comment on the blog at how different the iOs and Android versions of Evernote are. This is absolutely intentional, they say! They want their apps “to feel like they were purpose built for the platform, on every platform.” Read more of their comments on the Evernote blog.


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