Recently we heard from longtime listener and Premium member Linda in Sweden. She shared this creative conversation-starting centerpiece with us (see a link to her blog below for more pictures).
“My local genealogical society celebrated its 30-year old birthday last weekend with a nice dinner. On my to-do list was to make table placement cards for the board members. I wanted to do something more fun than an ordinary placement card.

I went to my local crafts shop and bought letters made of cardboard. I picked out letters which were the first letter in all board members’ names. Then I printed out scanned old photos of relatives I already had in my computer and glued them onto the letters. I also used some glitter glue to decorate and paper with nice patterns. On the bottom I wrote the date and the occasion and who the person in the picture was. I glued a tag with the board member’s name on it. It took a few hours to make nine of them.

At the dinner, at my table, we had a conversation about my L- letter and my grandmothers’ uncle Voldemar Verno from Estonia who was on it. I have also posted those pictures on my blog,”

Neat idea, Linda! Thanks for sharing with us. Visit my Pinterest boards for more creative heritage craft ideas, or click here to read more of my blog posts with heritage display and crafting ideas!

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