October 8, 2015

The Answer to a Plaguing Genealogical Problem

Have you ever wondered why you’re just not making as much progress on your genealogy research as you would like? In many of my live presetations I often ask the audience to raise their hand if they have enough time to climb their family tree, and nary a hand ever goes up. It’s a problem that plagues family historians almost without exception.

Thank goodness you’ve come to Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems because I have a gem for you that I think will cast a bright light on the problem and provide you with a better understanding of what’s really happening.

About Lisa

Lisa Louise Cooke is the Producer and Host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, an online genealogy audio show at www.GenealogyGems.com. She is the author of the books Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies and The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox, and the Google Earth for Genealogy DVD series, an international conference speaker, and writer for Family Tree Magazine.


  1. Oh, hallelujah, I now know what is wrong with me!!! I am not the only one with the problem.
    Thanks for sharing. That is awesome!!!

  2. Good one, Lisa! Who will be the first to show a genealogy oriented one? I can see it now – dinner preparation underway, going online to look at email, following a link from a cousin, finding a whole new line of ancestors, adding it to their tree, using Google, Ancestry and FamilySearch to find more records, adding them to the tree, and the hubby comes wandering in two hours later asking about his dinner, burning on the stove.

  3. I love it, Lisa! Sadly, I think this is the method I’m using to research my ancestors.

  4. Chris Hollis says:

    That is too funny, and unfortunately I see my future in it. I’m about halfway there now! LOL

  5. jnschaub says:

    I have three kids ages 9 and two who are 6. When this said ‘age-activated’, I was sure that it was referring to the younger ones. :) If anyone’s every read the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series of books, this video will look veerrry familiar. But I suffer plenty from it and I’m only 42. What’s my excuse? :) Thanks for posting it–it was really funny.

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